The Association for Fundamental Freedoms "Al-Haq" announced today, Thursday, that the Israeli occupation forces demolished Palestinian property in the area in question. .

While the monthly average of Palestinian homes and properties destroyed by Israeli professionals was 31 months during the first half of the year, the previous three months - July, August and September, saw 59 demolitions each. In total, 186 Palestinian properties were destroyed in the concerned Palestinian area during the first part of the year and another 177 properties during July, August and September.

Importantly, during the past three months, 62 out of 177 demolitions took place in the concerned Jerusalem governorate.

In 2018 and 2019, the midpoint of destroyed Palestinian property from month to month ranged from 22 to 30 individuals. The acceleration of the rupture operations that Al-Haq witnessed this year, taking into account the continued neglect of Israel’s obligations under international law, and its pursuit of plans to grow colonialism through the law adding more Palestinian lands, and all of this was implemented in a scene that this matter continued with disappointment. From the global network of holding Israel responsible for its mistakes, including the atrocities of large-scale destruction of property without legitimizing military necessity.

Israel uses many convictions to legitimize its strategy of destruction, including an interest in building that was developed without a structural grant. In spite of this, Israel, as the occupying power, is not permitted to wipe out the property of secured Palestinian individuals unless carefully necessitated by military necessity. Al-Haq said that the extensive destruction of property that Israel had accomplished without military necessity constituted a serious breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention and could constitute atrocities.

Additionally, this strategy of unlawful destruction of Palestinian structures and buildings, which has approached many other methods and relatively illegal activities, reveals Israel's goal of convincingly removing the group of Palestinian people from their homes. Settlement development and expansion, misuse of shared assets, restriction of development and access, the use of an unfair arrangement strategy, and the actual difficulty in obtaining construction grants, create a coercive climate for Palestinians, adding to the impermissible immediate and convincing exchange of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which may contain atrocities and atrocities. To be described.

Likewise, after the demolition and demolition of their property, the Palestinian public is deprived of their right to build their property and are finally denied the exercise of their right to self-security.

Al-Haq noted that the shredding operations further demonstrate the involvement and complicity of businesses in Israel's unlawful strategy of destruction. Although organizations are required to observe the principles of merciful law around the world, and to lead common freedoms developed due to the cycle of perseverance to refrain from causing or adding to the violation of fundamental freedoms through their own practices in conflict affected areas, partnerships, for example, Volvo, Caterpillar Hyundai and Hydromec said that they are selling their equipment in the information that it will be used to unlawfully exterminate Palestinian property, and thus they may be complicit in the atrocities directly carried out by the Israeli authorities.