Today (Wednesday), Jordanian Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh announced the extension of the half-day hours of the boycott, with the ultimate goal of controlling the emerging corona virus disease (Covid-19).

Al-Khasawneh said in a public interview that the fractional restriction starts from next Saturday from ten in the evening for institutions, and at 11 pm for people until six in the first part of the day instead of twelve at the beginning of the day. . One day for establishments and one after 12 noon for individuals, indicating that this option will continue to work until the end of the current year.

Al-Khasawneh indicated that the total time limit for the end of the week is limited to Friday and not Friday and Saturday until the end of this year.

He pointed out that the comprehensive boycott for long periods of half a month would lead to the collapse of financial fields.

He pointed out that there are many countries in the world taking strict measures with the increasing number of cases of corona and the expansion of the corridors, explaining that the systems will continue to be under development and modernization.

He explained that the Ministry of Health is working to improve its load of accidental vaccinations against influenza and has confirmed several times of its annual stock.

Thus, the Minister of State for Media Affairs, the official representative of the Jordanian government, Ali Al-Ayed, confirmed that teaching will take place in colleges, schools and vocational education centers at a far distance throughout the primary semester, given that the choice has been reconsidered before. The beginning of the next semester.

Al-Ayed clarified, during the question-and-answer session, that explicit permits will be imposed on institutions of resistance and persons or individuals who transmit the disease to others.

Thus, the Jordanian Minister of Health, Nazeer Obeidat, said that since September 16, his country has entered an unexpected outbreak of infection, and the expansion in the number of cases is normal.

Obeidat stressed that the administrative procedures depend on real examinations and confrontations for others, indicating that the legislator is constantly planning to escape the Corona emergency with the least amount of calamities and protect the lives of Jordanians first.

Today, the Jordanian Ministry of Health announced the registration of 2035 new cases of Corona, bringing the total number of injuries since the start of the emergency to 40972.

According to an announcement issued by the service, 1,218 injuries were recorded in the capital, Amman, and the number of cases that have been accepted today for treatment in licensed medical clinics is 76.

The absolute number of cases currently accepted for treatment in clinics is 1011, while the rest of the injured are subject to isolation at home.

The number of passes increased to 414 after 34 new passes were recorded.

Then again, 117 new convalescence cases were recorded in accredited clinics, and 25,496 research center tests were performed, bringing the absolute number of evaluations to 16,185,573.