Muhammad Abu Hilal, 23, from the Deir al-Balah camp for displaced people in the Gaza Strip, reviews the day the occupation shot him, describing it as "the day that his life changed in his memory." When I stayed among the quiet members, before the separation wall isolating Gaza and Israel, I stared up, but the experienced Israeli sniper grabbed the right second to shoot me and I couldn't get myself, but I raised my hand and tried to come back quickly but the slug was faster than me, so I fell on the ground until I woke up in a room in Al-Aqsa Hospital.

The injured Abu Hilal said, "His financial problem was not an obstacle to reassuring him of his participation in the great march battles on the eastern side of the Bureij camp in the central Gaza Strip to break an off-line attack carried out by the Israeli occupation 12 years ago."

Abu Hilal also said that when he was transferred by the clinical staff to the emergency clinic at the time of his shooting, they photographed his condition as real, as the observers went with him to the Al-Aqsa Medical Clinic to receive treatment and then confirmed his suffering, and portrayed what happened to him as a wonder he set up.

As for him, Amer Abu al-Qumsan, 30, said that he would remain interested in the great paths of return until he achieved all the human and social freedoms for the Palestinian public, and reached his readiness for a costly confrontation. The cost so he can live in equilibrium like the rest of the world.

He added that the achievements of the Great March of Return are many, the most important of which is the emergence of the Palestinian issue on the international table after being neglected for a long time and giving the report emanating from the Human Rights Council. The atrocities of the Israeli occupation and the continued attacks of the occupation against the calm demonstrators on the eastern outskirts of the Gaza Strip.

Abu Al-Qumsan pointed out that the Great March of Return and the breaking of the attack took an important role in investing Palestinian youth, who played a prominent role in inciting the anger of the Israeli occupation authorities day and night.

Abu Al-Qumsan wants to lift the Israeli attack imposed on the Gaza Strip and continue to lead a just life like the rest of the world, pointing out that his physical cause will not discourage him from paying attention to the great passages. Replay fights.

Ahmed Al-Bardini said, "He was injured several times, but these wounds did not prevent him from returning to take care of the major rounds of return in order to lift the Israeli attack."

Al-Bardini said that his investment was in the Great March of Return, as well as participating in all the famous confrontations on the outskirts of the Gaza Strip since US President Donald Trump announced that Jerusalem is the capital of "Israel", adding that the need to meet the needs of the Palestinian public to break the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip other than to restore Privileges for Palestinian individuals under international laws.
Al-Bardini was raised that he was working in many fields until the day he was hurt, and he is currently at home and needs someone to take care of his family playing that after he was breadwinner after his father's illness and illness.

As far as he is concerned, the injured Muhammad Akram Al-Bardini said that he suffered various injuries, one of which may cost him his life, as he was hit by a bullet in the head and legs and shrapnel in the eyes despite the various injuries everywhere. His body.

He ruins the days before his physical problem, when he used to play football with his buddies, he went to school and the smile did not leave his face at that time, yet he was attached to the sleeping pillow and the house became diminished all his desires to recover from his agony and revisit his ideal life.