The budgetary emergency confronting the Palestinian government is because of the cash war
 pursued by the United States and Israel against the Palestinians, today said Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh. 

Talking through a video gathering at the week after week bureau meeting in Ramallah, Shtayyeh additionally said that the cessation in Arab monetary help has likewise added to this emergency. 

At that point came the issue of Israeli addition dependent on the (US) Deal of the Century when the Palestinian administration chose to clear itself from the arrangements marked with Israel, including the monetary understanding. After that all relations with Israel were halted. We actualized a severity program and consumptions were diminished by about 70%, yet so as to upgrade your (the general population) job and endurance and reduce your misery, we acquire around 400 million (Israeli) shekels ($115 million) from banks each month to pay just a large portion of the pay rates, and we pay enthusiasm to the banks on this sum." 

The Prime Minister clarified that 350,000 pay rates are paid each month, which go to military and regular citizen work force, the destitute families who add up to 120,000, remembering 81,000 families for the Gaza Strip, 140,000 representatives in the West Bank and Gaza, notwithstanding 75,000 resigned military and non military personnel staff in the West Bank and Gaza, just as the groups of detainees and saints at home and in the Diaspora. 

Shtayyeh tended to the public workers, saying, "Your compensations will be settled up on to you completely when we get them (the freedom charge incomes gathered by Israel) with no political coercion from Israel or the United States." 

He clarified in calculates the size of the monstrous shortfall confronting the depository because of the discontinuance of budgetary help.