The young detainee, Ahmed Manasrah Ahmed Saleh Manasrah (18 years), from Beit Hanina, has entered his sixth year in the occupation prisons, according to what the head of the Committee of the Families of Jerusalemite Prisoners, Amjad Abu Asab, said on his Facebook account. the page.

The occupation arrested Manasra while he was injured on 12/10/2015, and his young cousin, Hassan Manasra, was killed at the same time as his capture, according to Abu Asab.

He explained that the occupation court accused him of participating in "Pisgat Zeev" activity in the towns of Hizma and Beit Hanina.

A video clip of Ahmed Manasra was spread to all local and international media outlets and the media on the Internet, while he was lying on the ground covered in his blood, while an official from the occupation fighters pressed him on the ground and stepped on him.
At the scene of the accident, a rescue vehicle passed by an Israeli woman, who did not provide him with medical aid, according to Amjad Abu Asab.

He explained that the occupation captured the child’s advocate inside a children's institution amid strict security efforts, and after he finished fourteen, he was transferred to Megiddo prison, where he was subsequently sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, and the punishment was later reduced. For nine and a half years, the Occupation Court imposed a fine of 180,000 shekels on him.

Amjad Abu Asab explained that the detainee, and after reaching the age of eighteen, he was transferred to Hadram. Prison, where he stayed to this day, and entered his sixth year in a row.

Young settlers cause severe damage to the infrastructure of Jalud town.

Members of “Nest Kodash” settlement recently inflicted severe damage to the electricity network in the town of Jalud, southeast of Nablus, as one of the main ones of their continuous attacks on the city.

The head of Jalud Village Council, Abdullah al-Hajj Muhammad, said that members of the “Nest Kodash” station cut off one of the main electricity centers in the Eastern Province near the center, resulting in the collapse of the kilometer-long power line. The fall of connections to the ground and the interruption of 25 electricity poles. It has become unstable, especially with the approach of winter.

Hajj Muhammad indicated that the erasure of the networks of the Palestinian Aid Organization in the areas close to the settlements is a manifestation of hostility that the extremists have completed in the face of ambiguity, with a point of frustration the progress of these areas and the prevention of administrations from contacting them. To remove the population from the lands near the settlements and in this way encourage their control of the closure near the settlements.

He pointed out that their continuous attacks on the administration institution come in the absence of the material capabilities of the specialists nearby, and the lack of legitimate assistance and consideration for the areas focused on the regions to restore what had been destroyed by fanatical extremists.