The Israeli occupation authorities destroyed a primary school supported by the European Union in the Ras El-Tin Al-Salamiya network east of Ramallah.

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has expressed its deep concern over the destruction of an educational school by the Israeli Occupation Forces. Proved that this school serves 50 students from Ras El Teen group, from first grade to sixth grade.

The Norwegian Refugee Council emphasized that the occupation's destruction of this school would restrict students from walking 5 kilometers to reach their nearest school in the town of Mughayer.

Since its inception, the school has witnessed many issues, the most prominent of which is the threat of the Israeli occupation. All things considered, when the students started their academic year there, the school had no roof and was just a rough stone structure, at that stage the workers started to include the rest of the offices in it.

The Irsheidat faction occupied Ras al-Tin Bedouin for more than 40 years in an area located between the towns of Mughayir, Kafr Malik, and Khirbet Abu Falah, upper east of Ramallah.

Hajj Abu Salama, the civilian leader of the faction, had previously stated that the lands in which the residents live are under Palestinian control and Israel is trying to expel them from it.

Abu Salameh said that the Israeli occupation forces started about three years ago to inform the network's occupants of demolishing their tents or tin houses. 50 families live in Ras El-Teen, each family comprising eight members.

He explained that the residents live under unforgiving conditions, as there is no water or energy institution, and there is no such thing as organizing streets. In winter, permanent repeats are incredibly frequent in light of rain and absence of administrations.

Occupation specialists reject 98% of Palestinian applications for grants for construction in Area "C" in the West Bank.

Since the beginning of this year, the United Nations revealed that Israeli occupation experts have destroyed 555 offices in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. 747 Palestinians were arbitrarily expelled .