The Japanese government agreed to arrange a grant of 450 million yen (about $ 4.3 million) with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

This important grant, according to an announcement issued by the Agency, will enable UNRWA to continue providing food assistance to a total of 99,000 Palestinian residents of Gaza, with the point of minimizing the impact of need and food uncertainty for those in dire need of it, in particular. Given the COVID-19 pandemic. Continuous.

Envoy Magoshi Masayuki stated, “It gives me great pleasure to explain to you that the Japanese government has chosen to provide nearly $ 4.3 million to UNRWA at this crucial time. This grant speaks to our enduring responsibility and solidarity with the needy in Palestine. A real emergency. "

Thus, the Chargé d'Affairs in External Relations and Communications and Director of Communications at UNRWA, Sami Meshsha, expressed his deep gratitude for the grant, saying: “For the sake of UNRWA, I would like to thank the Japanese government for its emancipation.
The Japanese government has always been helping the UNRWA. We deeply appreciate this incredibly humanitarian assistance during a very turbulent period of reality to help the needy. "
(The UN Relief and Works Agency for Refugees) announces an exception for some cases from receiving foodstuffs in the Gaza Strip.

Adnan Abu Hasna, the media advisor at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), said that the World Assembly believes that all the displaced people of the Gaza Strip are below the poverty line and there is no difference between partial need and absolute need. , Which indicates that the overall asset allocation will occur.

Abu Hasna added: "Some classifications will be prevented from obtaining housing, especially individuals who receive fixed, fixed and sufficient salaries, and all the old rules are not essential at this stage. Today to be used in the circulation of the hostel to the needy, and what is currently supervising us is whether it has Sufficient pay, or not.

The picture will become clear in the coming days. We have obtained 25 million dollars in aid for the office from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and there are great steps to obtain financial assistance to continue working and assisting the evacuated Palestinians. "