The report referenced that the new settlement units are circulated over various settlements, remembering the development of 500 settlement units for the settlement of (Tzur Hadassah) to the detriment of the grounds of the residents in the town of Wadi Fukin, notwithstanding the development in settlements (Ali, Nokdim, Ma'aleh Makhmas and Feduel, And Yakir), notwithstanding the development of in excess of 1000 units in the settlement of (Beitar Illit) close to involved Jerusalem, and 625 units in the settlement of (Ali) somewhere down in the West Bank on terrains of the towns and towns of Qaryut, Al-Sawiyah, Al-Laban Al-Sharqiya, Sanjil and Tirmus Aya, notwithstanding 560 units In (Gilo) settlement in involved Jerusalem, just as 286 in (Har Barkha) settlement, 181 in (Einaf) settlement, 120 in (Kedem) settlement and 350 in (Beit El) settlement. They are all in the profundities of the West Bank and some of them are secluded, similar to the case with the (Har Bracha) settlement on the shoulder of Mount Gerizim in Nablus. The report brought up that this is the biggest record lately of development .
The non-administrative association Peace Now, which restricts settlements, stated, "This settlement development shows Israel's refusal to set up a Palestinian state, and arrangements a hit to the expectations of accomplishing a more extensive Israeli-Arab harmony." 

In an announcement, the association accepted that Netanyahu is pushing ahead with full power towards solidifying the genuine extension of the West Bank, and that Defense Minister Benny Gantz, who is the acting head administrator in the alliance government drove by Netanyahu, has likewise affirmed the development plans, which implies that the occupation state sends Signs to the world about help for its two most unmistakable gatherings, finishing the idea of the two-state arrangement and setting up a Palestinian state. 

In its announcement, the association demonstrated that this development is the record number since at any rate 2012, and that since the start of the year as of recently, it has checked endorsement of (building) 12,159 units, calling attention to that the Planning Committee will meet to support the development of an extra number of settlement units before End of the year. 

In this unique circumstance and as a component of the arrangement, the Civil Administration of the Occupation has as of late and retroactively endorsed numerous casual settlements (stations) that were worked without consent from the Israeli government, and this endorsement brings about creation these stations legitimate under Israeli law, as indicated by the report. 

Then again, and in the greatest burglary of Palestinian grounds, the occupation specialists have held onto more than 11,000 dunums in the Palestinian valleys for purported "regular stores". The occupation declared its capture of 11,200 dunums to support 3 regular stores in the Palestinian valley. These stores are situated in Deir Hajla in Jericho, and the other is south of Al-Jiftlik close to the settlement of "Maswah", the third is east of Ein Al-Hilweh, and Al-Farsiya in the northern Jordan Valley in the zone between the settlements of "Maskyot and Rotem", which are situated on the terrains of residents in the Jordan Valley, as indicated by the report. 

The report indicated that a large number of seizures of residents' property fall under the heading of "nature reserves".