Today, Saturday, a protest took place alongside the detainee Maher Al-Akhras, who has been on hunger strike for 83 consecutive days, to challenge his administrative arbitrary detention.

It participated in the solidarity platform called for by the Prisoners Committee of the National and Islamic Forces, and the National Committee for the Families of Prisoners in front of the Central Command of the Red Cross in Gaza, where the members uploaded photos of the detainee.

The Palestinian Women's Action Committees Union affiliated with the Democratic Front has designated an alternative front similar to the Central Command of the Red Cross in Gaza.

The members raised slogans denouncing the strategy of organizational detention and clinical ignorance, amid calls to help the detainees in the largest public development.

The official at the Syndicate, Sahar Al-Salmi, confirmed that the development of women stands next to each other with the detainees in the Israeli occupation prisons, and supports the detainee Maher Al-Akhras and all the detainees on hunger strike.

It indicated that the Tent of Solidarity and Prisoner Support is witnessing a public presence, but it is not of the necessary level, and this requires collective ingenuity on a large scale to transform the detainees issue into a daily struggle with the detainees. The occupation until the arrival of the detainees, especially the exhausted, the elderly, youth and women.

Al-Salmi said that the detainee and his companions on hunger strike in protest against the official arrest and isolation convey the desire of all detainees who have tasted the harshness of confinement in the occupation prisons, and approach basic freedoms and international charitable organizations, including the International Committee of the Red Cross. To remain in front of their righteous and useful duties to spare the appetite for striking the detainees and exhausted. Moreover, the elderly and children even discharge.
And it required speeding up the obstruction of the general trend and carrying out official and well-known tasks on the part of the detainees in the areas of conflict with the occupation, and for the media to reveal an insight into the continuation of the detainees and the intolerance of the occupation.