The National Bureau for Land Protection and Settlement Opposition (NBPRS) expressed in its latest report week after week that within their arrangements to build new fanatical streets, paving the way to connect large areas of the West Bank, the Israeli authorities are under the Deal of the Century, in particular, the Israeli Finance Ministry confirmed a week ago It is sensitive to the development of a bypass road near the town of Huwara, south of Nablus, at a cost of 250 million shekels, after more than two years of delay, in terms of settlements. Employers protest a passion strike for a long time before the service demands approval of the arrangement. According to Yossi Dagan, the leader of the presumed "Samaria Settlements Council", Israel is taking extraordinary steps to change the essence of settlement, and the bypass road will transform the rocky settlements here into a state of awe for a large number of pioneers.

Before the end of 2017, Prime Minister Netanyahu confirmed an NIS 800 million spending plan for West Bank side streets, which included a road to the Zaatarah Junction and a 5.7-kilometer length between Samaria Street near the towns and villages of Orta, Udla. . Al-Hawara and Beta, south of Nablus, where it joins the Nablus settlements with the 60 detour Street to Jerusalem, the 6.5-kilometer-long Al-Arroub side street, which extends from the Gush Etzion Junction, south of Bethlehem, to the settlement of Karmi Tire On. The lands of the towns of Beit Omar and Halhul and the coalition of Kiryat Arba and Hebron settlements are connected together within an arterial line that is mainly associated with Al-Ruwwad and within the Sitteen Street detour. A 5.3 km western detour street linking the settlements west of Ramallah via the settlement of Beit Jerih to the network of streets located behind the Green Line and Nabi Elias side Street, the Karni Shimron settlement alliance. The eastern road, known as the American sign, extends from the area near Har Homa settlement 'Abu Ghneim' southeast of Jerusalem to an extension that passes through the lands of Sur Baher, and then to Al-Zaeem area 8 kilometers, where it is crossed. By a 1.6 km long terrier. This road, or part of it, is called "American Street." Gush Etzion Street towards the Dead Sea, which extends from the settlement Nacudim alliance, Kfar Eldad, to the Dead Sea, with the aim of establishing geological boundaries, "the road to isolate the Bethlehem and Hebron governorates." A 475 km railway project to connect Ariel settlement alliance with the railway network behind the Green Line, just like the paths that the occupation specialists intend to connect through the Green Line, such as the Qalandia Tunnel.
The case is similar to the settlement stations as it is on the plans of the occupation specialists. In a provocative advance, members of the various traditional groupings in the Knesset were interested in visiting the so-called “Land of Israel waiting room” for the Gush Etzion settlement alliance and surrounding areas, in anticipation of talking about bids to protect Area (C). Israel, participated in the visit as a visitor of honor. Haim Katz, a member of the Likud party in the Knesset, rebuked the administration's behavior toward settlements and stations, calling for settlements to be developed rather than abandoned. For her part, Ayelet Shaqif, a traditional pioneer, said that it is necessary to preserve the gardening in the settlements, in addition to her belief that the visit is important, especially since it includes members of Likud and Haredim. Tselel Smotrich, a Knesset member for the Right Coalition, said this visit was important to help the 20,000 pilgrims living there, and reported his expectation that the current period is reasonable given Trump's quality to build more settlements and stations.
Simultaneously, the ridge youth proceed with their provocative practices, as pioneers from Kokhaf Yacoub settlement set up another settlement close to Kafr Malek town east of Ramallah city, setting up houses in Al-Najma region east of the town, continually set up houses and annihilated them in a similar spot. Be that as it may, they reproduced them, and attempted under the insurance of the occupation powers to control water springs in the town of Ein Samia to take the water and denying its occupants. Pioneers additionally set up a tent on the highest point of Mount Nejma, situated in the town of Jalod, southeast of Nablus, encircled by olive fields from all sides, some of which are over 70 years of age, and are undermined with settlement once more. It merits referencing that Al-Najma Mountain is situated in a security region that isn't available for Palestinians without extraordinary licenses from the occupation specialists, and pioneers began to set up a settlement station on the highest point of Jabal Sabih in the town of Beta, south of Nablus city, where they set a few tents to build up a settlement station. Realizing that the Beta town toward the beginning of March saw conflicts to dismiss settlement on its territories . The ongoing pioneers' assaults came quite close to the settlement venture in Itamar settlement and looking to make another one.

In another progression that incorporates the methodologies of addition and robbery, the Minister of Communications at the occupation government chose to give the Israeli Communications co 'Bezak' a permit for the full work inside the West Bank settlements, after it labored for a very long time without a permit. As indicated by Hebrew sources, Bezak will be permitted to compose foundation broadly, give client assistance and specialized help, build up the Internet to turn out to be rapid, and improve quality guidelines as in the remainder of the urban communities inside the Green Line. 'Israel is currently diminishing the tremendous holes in the serious framework of the settlement populace, and there is no contrast among Ofra and Yucinam 'in Haifa', where everybody has the privilege to a refined foundation," said Yoaz Handel. 

Fair and square of the quiet approach of ethnic purifying rehearsed by the Government, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory arranged a basic liberties reminder to European authorities on Israel's strategy of wrecking and devastating the foundation, particularly those financed by the European Union in the involved Palestinian regions. The update explained that Israel wrecked or seized during 2019 around 127 structures financed by worldwide contributors 'principally from the European Union and its part states' in involved Jerusalem and the districts zones C. The observatory demonstrated that these numbers are twice as high as they were in 2018. Israel gave the most recent destruction orders for EU-financed ventures, fourteen days back, against the Ras al-Teen School close to the Mukhamir town, east of Ramallah, rankling European authorities, approaching Israel to stop the destruction, which has significant ramifications for the compassionate perspectives. The observatory likewise recorded 'Israel's annihilation during 2019' where around 104 Palestinian structures in East Jerusalem in particular, the notice explained that Israel 'heightened the tasks of wrecking of the Palestinian structures during the Corona apandemic, and watched the demolition of around 89 houses in the involved Jerusalem since the start of 2020 until last August, contrasted with the decimation of 104 houses in 2019, and 72 out of 2018.