Donald Trump's "deal of the century" was the same old thing. The Israelis have suggested it in everything except for the name since 2012, and the Palestinians have rejected it from then on. The normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab countries with it requires the imposition of administration on the Palestinians.

The two important Palestinian groups along these lines have no other choice but to accommodate the disparities between them. The Palestinian public needs them to reinforce their dedication and set them back to progress well. A compromise between Hamas and Fatah is the best way to thwart the American-Israeli plan, which aims to bring down the two developments and establish another Palestinian Authority with the help and support of Arab countries that are compatible with Israel. It is conceivable that the progress made in Istanbul between the two developments is their last occasion to take this path.

The fine details of the US-Israeli plan, which appreciates Arab support, are now clearer than at any time in recent memory. The main way to its collapse is for the Palestinians to unite, with both Fatah and Hamas rejecting the "arrangement of the century" and speaking to individual Palestinians through the voting room. In the absence of a compromise, this new initiative will be imposed, and Dahlan is undoubtedly at its head.

Media reports indicate that four Arab countries are now trying to obstruct any understanding between Fatah and Hamas, and thus prevent a settlement. This appears to have been confirmed by Egypt's refusal to hold a meeting of the Palestinian factions to end the conciliatory steps. Ultimately, this firmly suggests that the Israelis, their ordinary partners, and even the secret partners in the region fear that the internal Palestinian division will lead to a conclusion because it will distort the conspiracy and conspiracy.

This is why compromise is truly the primary choice for the Palestinian public, regardless of which group has the dedication. Without it, the US-Israeli arrangement undermines everyone, and so far solidarity is an undeniable part of Palestinian protection from the Israeli occupation. In addition, the prevailing obstacle in assessing the consent of the Palestinian public cannot be viable without ending the division between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Between Fatah and Hamas.

Neither Fatah nor Hamas has anything to lose, on the grounds that the Palestinian scene has changed completely in recent years. The victories in which they were making progress have become a burden, and the whole question of power does not mean much when compared to the general pledge of all of Palestine.

At this moment, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is experiencing a stage and a situation similar to what Yasser Arafat did after he did not recognize the famous offer he made to him at Camp David in 2000. When Arafat returned to Ramallah, he was attacked until his death, without a doubt, with poison on the orders of Israel.

Today, Abbas faces a similar attack as a result of his rejection of the Deal of the Century. The countries of the Middle East are complicit through concern for the law, but in addition to that through their blacklist and demonization of the Palestinians, with normalization with the Israelis and the declaration of the occupation in their interest. It is funny that the attack on Abbas and the Palestinian Authority cut off its support base, which Hamas in Gaza looked like only 15 years ago, with the president's approval. The contradictions between them are currently negligible.

Israel needs to cut everyone off. To completely crush the Palestinian character. To eat all that was left of the land of Palestine. And turning the Palestinians into a bunch from the inside that has been underestimated in the politically acceptable apartheid policy expresses that the choice to act without any potential repercussions anywhere and anytime it is needed.

The two groups for the Palestinian division, in fact, have no other choice after the settlement. They need each other, and the people of Palestine need them to be united. This open door must not be lost forever. We can see that the optional material is ready, and it doesn't look great. The Israeli-American-Arab conspiracy does not serve either Israel or the Hajj project. Fatah and Hamas should get that, and demonstrate appropriately for the benefit of all Palestinians.