The Israeli occupation and settlers advance against Palestinian farm owners in the West Bank, and consist of destroying many trees, harvesting crops, and preventing farm owners from accessing their lands. These violations are especially high during the olive harvest season.

The misfortunes of the owners of agricultural crops were not limited to the lack of olive production during the current year only, but the season included the violations of the aggressors, which caused great misfortunes to the owners of the trees and exhausted them with expenses and endeavors without profits.

Take crops

When the landowners in the town of Azmout, east of Nablus, went to their properties adjacent to “Elon Moreh” settlement, it was clear to them that the olives they had gone to pick had been taken by the settlers.

One of the town’s landowners, farmer Muhammad Alawneh, says that residents are prevented from accessing their lands close to the settlement, as they appear to be "closed military areas", and with the start of the olive season every year. , Tree owners get a tour through the joint organization so that they are allowed to pick olives on specified days as they were.

Hacking trees

Faris Omran from the town of Deir al-Hatab, who is also claiming his land near the settlement of "Alon Moreh", revealed that a large number of his olive trees have been destroyed or cut down somewhere around the settlements.

Imran indicated that he found with various landowners that their trees had been cut down when they were prevented from entering, which postponed disclosing what he described as a "massacre" against trees that annually produce large quantities of oil and olives.

Imran drew attention to the fact that these violations have become a habit from time to time, which the aggressors use with the approaching olive harvest season, in order to cause great misfortunes to people, to divert them from their lands for the sake of settlement aspirations.

Wild boar

Fadi Sawalha, a farmer from Azmout town, announced that the young olive seedlings had been wiped out by crowds of wild boars that wreaked havoc on the lands.

Sawalha notes that many groups of pigs attacked the eastern towns after being delivered by the attackers recently, and they increased surprisingly.

The head of the city council in Deir al-Hatab town, Abd al-Karim Hussein, said that the settlement of “Alon Moreh” is still extending at the expense of the lands of the towns of Deir al-Hatab and Azmout.

Sewage and wastewater

Hussein also noted that the owners of the land are prevented during the time from accessing their lands, and they are presented from time to time for the repeated attacks that occur before the eyes of the occupation forces, which mediate from time to time to end the task of attacking them.

Hussein said that the owners of the farms found that their lands were soaked in sewage water, and that they thought it was very difficult to harvest olives from trees that were soaked with the smell of water.

The assailants stressed their encroachment on the olive pickers in their lands during the past days hardly, which they were told by assaulting them and preventing them from accessing their properties, despite eating trees and cutting them in anticipation of keeping them.

The aggressors also take advantage of the guarantees and support of the occupation authorities to lift the encroachment on the owners of farms and their trees, especially during the olive harvest season, while the owners of farms race to pick olives to spare what can be avoided from their crops before cutting and consuming them or taking their organic products.

The areas and towns south of Nablus have recently witnessed an expansion in the attacks of land thieves, the most prominent of which was the attack on the town of Asira al-Qibliya, and an attack on the landowners.

According to the report, the amount of settlement training reached (16) exercises, which differed between seizure, settlement of lands, development of streets, and approval of building settlement units.