Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh called for confirmation of five European countries that have rejected the development of settlements in the Palestinian areas.

Shtayyeh said during the office meeting held last week in Ramallah, that this disclosure includes a positive turn in events, confident that it will form in those countries in general or separately, announcing their recognition of the State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital, with clarification that such recognition establishes A reasonable response to the continuation of border development in the fields. The Palestinian Authority and its violation of the goals of global authenticity and the European Court of Justice, which condemned the Israeli settlement in the concerned Palestinian areas.

Muhammad Shtayyeh pointed out that settlement and occupation are obstacles in the face of the two states, pointing out that Israel is deliberately destroying the two-state accord, because it does not need a two-state arrangement or another arrangement, but it needs the base to move forward.

He said, "Moreover, we bend back to our state, its example on earth, and global recognition of it," noting that the Kingdom of Bahrain agreed yesterday to an arrangement to establish full reconciliatory relations with the concerned authority. Which offers a free prize to this occupation and opens its passion for nibbling, linking more lands and building more settlements. Just like the repetition of the difficulties that the Palestinian public faces in order to achieve salvation, freedom, and the establishment of its independent Palestinian state.

Shtayyeh stressed during the meeting that "it is regrettable that some of the brothers are not evidence for us at this stage against the occupation that affects our relatives, our land and our religion." Olives are against settlement, and our determination to press ahead in our fight to achieve our goals of opportunity will not weaken. "

Then the Prime Minister said again: "We are preparing to confront the second part of the infection, which specialists and the Ministry of Health have warned that it may be the most deadly with the onset of winter." .

Today, the Council of Ministers is talking about many records, including the approval of the report announcing the lifetime of the electric power project at the Zahrat al-Finjan landfill, the approval of some sustainable energy extension, the basic requirements of the Environment Quality Authority and the Advancement of the Standard of Law, the arrangement of a representative legislature for the Monetary Authority, And the conversation of the "Mountain Mountain" project. Centuries ".