The head of the United Nations Organization for Palestinian Displacement said that individuals in Gaza are looking to refuse to discover food because Palestinians are struggling with unfamiliar degrees of food need.

Lazzarini, an accomplished sympathizer, was formally designated as general of UNRWA in April, and leads it through the organization's profound emergency period.

The first is the seemingly permanent danger of financial ruin. At that point, there is a breakdown in the relationship with its former biggest funder, the United States, which claims - according to long-running Israeli attacks on the office - that it is "irreparably imperfect".

Add to that the risk that COVID-19 will tear apart the IDP camps in the Middle East, which house a large number of the 5.6 million Palestinians supported by UNRWA. Meanwhile, the possible expansion of the West Bank concerned, and steps to stifle UNRWA's work there, looms.

At long last, embarrassment comes. The former head of UNRWA surrendered a year ago after a scrutiny that included allegations of widespread favoritism at the association, including accusations of his recruitment.

Restricted by epidemiological restrictions - he needed to be disconnected for about a month in Jerusalem and Amman - Lazzarini centered around dealing with books first through donor activation, regardless of whether it was through video calls.
With an average annual deficit of spending in excess of £ 100m, a union of 30,000 employees would take no more than four or five weeks of assets running out. "It's disturbing," he said, including that UNRWA schools and welfare departments are declining.

As UNRWA tries to adjust the relationship with Washington, Lazarini recommended that the American move may have blown backwards.

Trump's slide of mentor has galvanized "the wonderful solidarity around UNRWA," he said, with other contributors around the world to fill the shortfall. In fact, 2018 was the best cash-raising year for UNRWA for its central financial plan in the past five years.

In any case, that image was scratched again a year ago, when Lazarini's original model, Pierre Krähenbühl, surrendered after an official examination discovered "administrative problems". An internal survey released revealed allegations of "favoritism, combating, dismissal, and various ill-treatment of power" in the association.

Krähenbühl has already categorically prevented the charges from becoming indecent.

The embarrassing accusations aside, Lazzarini does not bounce around the topic and even raises it undisturbed when meeting him. He said that UNRWA had since strengthened the internal oversight body and the ombudsman to console the "ethical institution" sponsors of the office.