On 14 and 15 October, line services and foundations of the Palestinian Authority met delegates of the European Development Partners to talk about advancement towards state-building destinations and improvement objectives. 

The gathering was led by the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Amjed Ghanem, and the European Union Head of Cooperation Gerhard Krause. Authorities from 17 Palestinian services and foundations, including the Office of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Secretariat, along with 9 European nations and the Office of the EU Representative, examined progress and difficulties identifying with programs actualized in Palestine to fabricate the State and improve the prosperity of Palestinians. 

At the gathering, the Palestinian services and foundations looked into the advancement towards changes to accomplish improvement objectives in the structure of the 2030 extraordinary plan. The effect of COVID-19 pandemic obliges to recalibrate projects and re-characterize focuses as COVID-19 takes steps to invert the advancement towards all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specifically SDG 3, which plans to guarantee solid lives and prosperity for all and puts Palestine off course to end neediness by 2030 under SDG 1. 

The conversation zeroed in on the best way to realign public needs toward long haul, helpful, and definitely quickened activity to guarantee to abandon no resident. Global organization advanced by the European Joint Strategy is instrumental to beat these new difficulties. The conversations affirmed that the Result Oriented Framework is an important advance to make improvement collaboration more straightforward and to give a common responsibility system at the nation level. 

"This gathering speaks to an incredible advance forward in the Palestinian-European organization, which we expectation will prompt the Palestinian Authority conveying better outcomes for the Palestinian public. The assembled endeavors of our European accomplices will empower us to more readily serve residents over the entire of Palestine," said Amjed Ghanem, Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers. 

Gerhard Krause, EU Head of Cooperation, cited António Guterres, UN Secretary-General, who said "All that we do during and after this emergency must be with a solid spotlight on building more equivalent, comprehensive and practical economies and social orders that are stronger notwithstanding pandemics, environmental change, and the numerous other worldwide difficulties we face." He proceeded by saying that "the European Joint Strategy in help to Palestine gives the best possible umbrella to confront these challenges". 

European Development Partners cooperate in Palestine under the umbrella of the European Joint Strategy on the side of Palestine 2017-2020 – Towards a majority rule and responsible Palestinian state. It will be modified and reached out to 2024. 

The European Joint Strategy is adjusted to the National Policy Agenda and to the different sectoral techniques and approaches and spotlight on state-assembling and keeping up the practicality of the two-state arrangement just as security of essential privileges of the most weak populace.