Forty American deputies expressed their regret for the American organization’s calmness towards the Israeli progress in infringing on basic freedoms in the concerned Palestinian areas.

This came in a letter sent by US officials to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Tuesday, hours before his appearance in Israel on Wednesday.

Representatives from the Democratic Party in which President-elect Joe Biden is in.

On November 3, the occupation forces demolished the town of "Homs Al-Baqi" east of Tubas (north), leaving its residents in the open.

"We encourage you to speak with the Israeli government urgently to judge the unrest and commit to ending resettlement efforts in the future," Pompeo's letter from US lawmakers added. US lawmakers have also criticized Israeli plans to expand land in the West Bank.

Referring to the devastation inflicted on Homs Al-Baqi, American officials said: "This unilateral act was the largest Israeli displacement of Palestinians in 4 years, and this action was only possible by moving forward with the calm of the American government."

The requirement for US government involvement is critical given the risk of renewed destruction against the Palestinian town of Khan al-Ahmar (East Jerusalem), and the opportunity to eliminate some additional towns in the Yatta area (southern West Bank).

In addition, US officials asked whether military hardware from American sources was used for transportation missions.

Many Arab, Islamic and Western countries also criticized the Israeli destruction of the Palestinian population this month .

Tunisia calls for lifting the mistreatment of the Palestinians and going up against settlement plans

This arrived in an assertion by the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the event of the 32nd commemoration of the presentation of the late Palestinian pioneer Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian Independence Document.

Tunisia restores its call to the Security Council and the global network to accept its full obligations to lift the complaints of the exposed Palestinian individuals, safeguard their genuine rights, and immovably stand up to all Israeli settlement extension plans. 

She added that these plans mean to force a fait accompli and challenge global sanctions, laws and standards without any sort of responsibility. 

She focused on her firm confidence in the equity of the Palestinian reason and her devotion to the nonstop battle of the Palestinian public. 

The Tunisian Foreign Ministry certified her nation's firm help for the unavoidable privileges of the Palestinian individuals that won't be dependent upon legal time limit, preeminent among which is the foundation of their autonomous state, with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital. 

Also, it cautioned against the proceeding with forceful acts of the occupation and the aggregation of sentiments of misery that may go with it and an expansion in pressure and blockage. 

The Ministry recharged its help for dispatching a genuine harmony measure with wide support based on worldwide law, UN goals and applicable references. 

Last Sunday, November fifteenth denoted the 32nd commemoration of the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat's revelation of the Palestine Independence Document. 

On that day, from the Palais des Nations (Club Pine) in the Algerian capital, Arafat proclaimed the foundation of a free Palestinian state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.