A UN public freedoms leader said today that the Israeli government's continued declaration that it has supported the development of nearly 5,000 larger settlement homes in the relevant Palestinian area is a serious violation of international law.

"The global network must respond to this serious breach of global law with more than a simple analysis," said Michael Link, the UN's unique rapporteur on conditions for fundamental freedoms in the concerned Palestinian territories since 1967. Before this month, the Guard Services Regulatory Commission endorsed plans for 4,948 additional homes.

The acceleration of settlement development exacerbates the virtually doubtful conditions for shared freedoms on the ground. "

However, in six incidents since 1979, the United Nations Security Council has said that Israeli settlements are "a flagrant violation under international law" and "have no legal validity."

In 2016, the Security Council, in Resolution 2334, asked Israel to "immediately and completely stop all settlement training exercises." However, since 2017, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process has answered before the Security Council several times that Israel has found a way to fulfill this obligation consistent with Resolution 2334.

Additionally, Link expressed deep concern that the United States changed its existing logical agreements with Israel on October 27 to allow joint support for projects in illegal Israeli settlements. Indeed, the arrangements only allowed support for projects within Israel's internationally envisioned borders before 1967.

What's more, if the norm of law matters, at this stage the responsibility should be so. "

He reviewed that in 2016, former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asked: “Is all this just aimed at running out of time?” [Palestinians] asks: “Are we saying that we intend to look while the world discusses endlessly how to separate the Earth while it disappears directly in front of us. ? "

Link said that while approval for housing construction in new settlements is accelerating, Israel's destruction of Palestinian homes and properties is expanding likewise.

As indicated by the joint Palestinian freedoms association Al-Haq, 177 properties were destroyed in the three months of July, August and September.

The 76 buildings that the Palestinians claimed destroyed in September resulted in the uprooting of 136 Palestinians and affected 300 jobs, noted the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, OCHA.

Link said that the shredding likewise offends beneficial international law and adds to the coercive environment in the OPT.