In its latest report week after week, the National Bureau for District Protection and Settlement Opposition (NBPRS) stated that two months before the US-led exchange of power headed by Joe Biden, the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Land Authority had given approval to develop 1,257 settlement units in the Givat Hamatos settlement on The lands of the town of Beit Safafa in order to limit Bethlehem from the concerned East Jerusalem, and to proceed with arranging the Judaization of Jerusalem and attacking it, while Israel has been operating since 1997 until now various settlements in and around Jerusalem, for example, the settlements of Ramat Eshkol, Givat Hamifter, Ramot Shlomo, French Hill, Neve Yaakov, Pisgat Zeev, Eastern Talbot, Gilo, and. Har Homa, where about 250,000 Jews live. 

The new in the tenders is that a choice was taken by the Israeli Occupation Authorities to fabricate another neighborhood in Jerusalem on the fringes of the Green Line. The choice to give new tenders isn't just an insult of President-elect Joe Biden, who experienced Israeli hubris in 2010, when the Israeli government declared during his visit to Israel the development of several new units behind the Green Line in Jerusalem. 

The new choice seems to have been embraced to abuse the ongoing long stretches of Trump in office or to make a move fully expecting Biden putting limitations on the Israeli Government as to settlement development. This Israeli strategy stressed that there is not, at this point Palestinian Jerusalem, as Israel recognizes East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem, it denies the East Jerusalem, as it faces destitution and countenances the constant peril of pulverizing its homes. The Givat Hamatos Settlement is finishing a circle that smothers any opportunities for Palestinian East Jerusalem from development or from being a Palestinian capital. Regardless, the Israelis as a rule, and the Israelis in Jerusalem specifically, disregarding the way that there are around 350,000 Palestinians in the city.

The Palestinians in Jerusalem dread that the Occupation Authorities may push new designs to construct in excess of 13,000 settlement units in East Jerusalem city before the chosen US president, Joe Biden's organization gets down to business next January twentieth. There is a discussion on an arrangement to fabricate 9,000 settlement units on the place that is known for Qalandia Airport, 1,530 settlement units in the Ramat Shlomo settlement close to Shafat, 570 settlement units in the Har Homah settlement on the Jabal Abu Ghneim, and in the Givat Hamtos settlement on the Beit Safafa's territory just as a large number of other settlement units in Ma'aleh Adumim under the I-1 settlement plan. 

The US Administration is by all accounts giving the green light to the occupation state to incorporate the 60% territories C of the West Bank, and to give detachment between the West Bank and Gaza Strip, taking into account that Gaza Strip and the West Bank are strategically and authoritatively isolated and ought to be dealt with as needs be in opposition to the mentalities of the past US Administrations. Also, Pompio required the treatment of settlement items as Israeli-source items. "the naming of State cause. The makers in Area C work inside the Israeli monetary and authoritative system, and their merchandise must be managed likewise. 

As indicated by the sources, during shut talks with the American guest, Netanyahu attempted to acquire the endorsement of US President Trump's organization to give the green light to assemble a huge number of settlement units in Atarot, north of the involved Jerusalem. It contains 9,000 lofts adjoining the Qalandia Checkpoint on the grounds between Ramallah, Kafr Aqab and Beit Hanina. 

Inside the setting of the precise Judaization of Hebron, the purported Sub-board of trustees worried about the complaints at the Civil Administration dismissed petitions documented by an Israeli radical association, and the Palestinian region of Hebron against giving a structure permit for a settlement venture targeting controlling the Ibrahimi Mosque through taking a few regions in it to serve pioneers to encourage their admittance to it. The development of a pioneer Elevator and a hall along the mosque was examined to encourage the raging of the mosque, NIS 2 million was designated so far to fund the Jewish venture. 

In addition, pioneers figured out how to gather more than NIS 3 million with the point of multiplying the quantity of pilgrims in Hebron, and the mission of gathering gifts called for by pioneers proceeded in Sabat Sara for 100 hours. The pilgrims will begin fabricating new settlement coalitions On the old bus stop region and the shut vegetable market in Al-Shuhada Street, and increment their number from 800 pioneers to 1600 pilgrims.