Three specialists, employed to help with the memorial service and entombment of Diego Maradona, have experienced harsh criticism for taking pictures of themselves close to his casket, while it is open. 

The memorial service administrations office utilized the three to help set up the final resting place of the previous soccer legend, who kicked the bucket on Wednesday at 60 years old. 

In two pictures, the three can be seen remaining close to the open coffin, grinning and each raising their thumbs. 

The two pictures showed up on the Internet while Maradona's body was lying in the official royal residence, which started shock. 

Maradona's business administrator and attorney, Matthias Morla, has promised to make a lawful move against the "charlatan" answerable for the photographs. 

"For my companion's memory, I won't rest until he takes care of quite an awful demonstration," Morla said on Twitter. 

Addressing nearby media, Matthias Bacon, head of Sibelius Pinier's burial service administrations office in the Paternale neighborhood of the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.

The family confided in us, and we have been working with them for quite a while," Bacon told a TV station. 

Bacon added that his organization had coordinated burial service administrations for different individuals from the Maradona family previously .

At the point when the chief called Maradona's ex, Claudia Villavini, to enlighten her concerning the photographs, she was "exceptionally furious". 

The Bacon family said they didn't have the foggiest idea whether the Maradona family was wanting to make any lawful move. 

Legal sources told the Telam News Agency that no wrongdoing identified with the photos had been accounted for, so the indictment didn't record any objections. 

Maradona was covered on Thursday, in a private service, on the primary day of the three days of grieving declared in Argentina after his demise. 

Maradona's casket - covered with the Argentine banner and his number 10 shirt - was shown at the official castle in Buenos Aires prior in the day. 

A huge number of fans walked through the entryway of "Casa Rosada" at the Presidential Palace to say goodbye to their legend, yet the goodbye service finished rashly after conflicts among police and a few grievers who were sitting tight for their turn. 

The previous Argentine midfielder, considered by numerous individuals to be the best footballer ever, kicked the bucket at his home in Tigre, close to Buenos Aires. 

An underlying after death report, broadly detailed by Argentine media, demonstrated that Maradona experienced "serious cardiovascular breakdown." 

Maradona had gone through fruitful medical procedure to eliminate a blood coagulation in the mind recently, and he was expected to go through therapy for liquor abuse. 

Maradona carried on with a wild close to home life, brimming with liquor and cocaine misuse and fixation, which caused him medical issues.