The presence of these insects is the result of a concentrated and continuous breeding throughout the mid-year season in neighboring countries, leaving an enormous number of eras during which many masses have formed.

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia confirmed the kingdom's liberation from breeding desert beetles, after all intrusive populations had been previously controlled from Yemen, which led to restricting breeding in northern Jazan. Pollution destinations.

The Ministry expressed that investigation and monitoring activities are still continuing to examine the approaching crowds and direct surveillance work in all of their regions.

And I warned that the deterioration of the situation in Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Yemen makes the danger rise to Saudi Arabia from two addresses, the first is towards the shores of the Red Sea between Amlaj and Jizan, where the winter season is cooler, and the other direction is towards Qamat Asir and its side, confirming the presence of these crowds due to the renaissance and reproduction, and the season The extraordinary and continuous summer in the neighboring countries, which left countless ages during which the multitudes were formed.

The service explained that the period of flow, which is the change between the mid-year and winter seasons, witnesses the development of large numbers towards areas of temperance and precipitation, and due to the quantitative and sporting thickness of the gatherings in neighboring countries, if their spread occurs on a massive scale, just as the environmental drought triumphed in the greater part of the cold time of Season of the year in the Kingdom. Because of the lack and delay of rainfall, this makes the continued transfer of non-traditional areas from infiltration due to the development of winds towards those areas, just as the continuous search for good natural conditions that allow development and reproduction, causes the masses to divide into a few areas in search of food.

She explained that the field groups have come up with how to kill huge flocks of crowds in Al-Qunfudah and Mahayil Asir, and are still following the remaining gatherings, especially in the north and east of the Asir locality, while moving forward with a desire for more. Multiple attacks during the coming time frames, consistent with climate change, depression and global fluctuations, during which large numbers move.