A wave of widespread anger floated in the media on the Internet in Egypt, after the calamities caused by the torrential rains in Alexandria and some governorates on Friday, which claimed the lives of 6 individuals and choked many roads and homes.

Activists poured into the media on the Internet, pictures and recordings of water being poured into the roads and squares of Alexandria, in a scene that has been repeated frequently in recent times. Because of the structure's continued decay, despite the way the situation claims massive sums of £ 4 trillion were spent repairing it.

Ignore the trouble

While the main representative and his assistants attended the central boulevards and the highest areas of the line to get rid of the heavy water that flooded them, pieces indicating the misery of the Egyptian population were distributed in the famous neighborhoods of Alexandria after their homes and shops were exposed. Suffocated amid the recklessness of the authorities.

Tweeters showed that the terrible climate eruption is coming at a predetermined date, without authorities making any extreme arrangements, other than discussing the staggering measure of precipitation.

The tweeters chose another pillar to comment on the floods, as they challenged the misuse of this huge amount of water without plans to exploit it by state institutions.

Activists believe that the torrential downpour that individuals have anticipated has turned with desecration in Egypt into ruin, extinction and suffocation.

Various activists looked at the interest of the President of the Republic, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, in the tasks of establishing the new official capital and building countless expansions, in return for overlooking pressing issues of the framework, such as sanitation and waste of water. , Despite the fact that it is an ongoing issue as many individuals not guilty are executed annually.

Activists recalled Sisi's confirmation in November 2019 that the country had spent more than 4 trillion pounds (about $ 250 billion) establishing the country, without showing any significant improvement.

Tweeters revealed that the system has no goal to take care of this issue, under the influence of the large expenses, in reference to the assurances of the office representative in October 2019 that the cost of building a rain leakage network in Greater Cairo requires only 300. One billion pounds, which is not commensurate with the continuous heavy rains in a day or two, he said.

Supports and violations

Few analysts on correspondence sites criticized the authorities' defenses any time a comparative disaster occurred, and they reviewed the 2015 position announcement about seizing what he described as a psychological militant association to obstruct the sinking of Alexandria.

While others prevented those responsible for this recurring disaster being held accountable, they expected the authority to be happy with the shaky support and embarrassment that absolves responsibility for disappointment, while the regulations do not go beyond granting leave and encourage residents to do so. Stick to their homes and not go out, without there being an extreme answer to that. Emergency.