Israeli vehicles and tractors on Monday morning destroyed a house having a place with a Palestinian family in the city of Al-Tira in the 1948 domain, and leveled the ground, with the security of enormous police powers and exceptional units .

The house had a place with Islam Qashou', an inhabitant of al-Tira, and the occupation crushed it with no earlier notification, as family members said. 

Observers announced that the police cordoned off the northern territory of   the city, and kept inhabitants from moving toward the area, while vehicles and tractors annihilated the house. 

The destruction of Arab homes proceeded regardless of the ongoing declaration of freezing the change of Article 116A in the Planning and Building Law, and it was said that it would freeze the destruction of thousands of Arab homes for a very long time, permitting them to be authorized and kept from destroying. 

It is critical that Arab towns saw an acceleration in the destruction of homes, shops and mechanical workshops under the affection of non-authorizing, as occurred in Ain Mahal, Jaffa, Shfaram, Kafr Qasim, Qalansawa, Kafr Yasif, Arara, Umm al-Fahm, Lod, Jaffa, Sakhnin and Hurfeish, and the homes of al-Araqib that were obliterated for the 180th time in succession and others in the zone. The Negev. 

Jerusalem: Hundreds of families are undermined with uprooting 

The head of the Wadi Hilweh Information Center, Jawad Siam, affirmed that the occupation is escalating its settlement ventures in involved Jerusalem with the point of uprooting Jerusalemites and supplanting them with pioneers, particularly in the Batn Al-Hawa neighborhood in Silwan, asserting pilgrims' responsibility for home before 1948.

Siam said that 72 families from Batn Al-Hawa neighborhood have documented cases under the steady gaze of the Israeli courts, and every one of them are compromised with removal from their homes, notice against utilizing the Israeli legal executive as a device for constrained dislodging as it upholds settlement activities and pilgrims likewise work in it. 

Siam added that few areas are likewise undermined with removal, for example, the Al-Bustan neighborhood, where settlement compromises 90 families and in excess of 350 families in Silwan. 

He additionally cautioned against pilgrim associations holding onto land without sitting tight for court choices, focusing on that the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a gathering of lawful and basic freedoms organizations are attempting to internationalize the settlement record in involved Jerusalem and move it to the International Criminal Court and the United Nations. 

Siam demonstrated that 80% of Palestinian families in involved Jerusalem are beneath the destitution line because of the occupation arrangements that endeavor to dislodge Jerusalemites from their city. 

IOF annihilate flight of stairs prompting Lions' Gate 

Nearby sources announced that the occupation district destroyed the steps prompting the Yusufia graveyard and the Al-Asbat Gate street, which prompts Al-Aqsa. 

The sources called attention to that the residents stood up to the occupation region teams while they were attempting to delve in the saints' graveyard, which is an augmentation of the Yusufia burial ground from the northern side. 

The sources showed that the demolishing is important for the occupation's Judaizing plans in the Holy City and trying to execute the "scriptural nursery way" inside the graveyard of the saints. 

Since the start of this current year, the occupation has constrained in excess of twenty Jerusalemites to self-obliterate their homes under the appearance of absence of authorization and subsequent to taking steps to pay weighty fines if the destruction is completed.