Majority governing agents in the US Congress on Wednesday reappointed Nancy Pelosi, 80, as speaker for another state, as the most admired figure in Congress during President-elect Joe Biden's term.

Pelosi, who is no one in this political race, is the primary opponent of energetic President Donald Trump and has led the Democratic Electoral College since 2003.

While votes were raised to recharge the power based on the people, conditions continued as before with Stanny Hopper (81) taking the largest leading position, and James Claiborne (80), the highest position among the dark factors in the House of Representatives occupying the lion's share of the position of regulator. Gradually, they are the second and third places in the House of Representatives.

These tasks will be formally decided by the House of Representatives in January after the first meeting of the new Congress, without further ado, before Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States on the twentieth of the same month.

In the wake of winning the votes of her aides in the unprecedented vote for the Democratic Parliament's historical background on the Internet due to Covid-19, Pleusi stated, “I am very respectful” to acknowledge this choice.

She added, "I feel cheerful and energetic, and I expect to work with the new US President Joe Biden and (Vice President) Kamala Harris," and have sworn to make a courageous effort to "crush" the epidemic and achieve "equity" for Americans on issues of medical services, monetary security, equality and environmental change. .

Biden immediately called Pelosi to commend her, assuring her that he "expects to work with her and the Democratic administration in the House of Representatives on a model plan to control Covid-19 and better reshape our economy."

Two years ago, the San Francisco lawmaker agreed to stay in her position until 2022 at the latest, in a choice that clearly added to her simple victory in this political decision.

"I would rather not lose any secret weapon I might have, but I gave that expression," Pelosi said Wednesday, due to a question about whether she would fulfill her promise to venture towards the end of 2022.

Regarding the race, which witnessed a real competition, it was for the position of Vice President of the House of Representatives, which is the fourth most important assembly position, and Catherine Clark (57 years), who is so far the Vice President, won it. From the Democratic Assembly.

Opposition to this position showed that another era of popular-based parliamentary coalition management was not too far away.

Clark defeated this political race her most reform-minded partner, David Sislin, 59, the primary lawmaker who preserved homosexuality as a member of the House of Representatives administration.

Then again, as the conservative parliamentary alliance reassigned its old administration, including minority leader Kevin McCarthy, the Republicans reintroduced their Democratic opponents' image as "extreme" extremists trying to impose "communism" on the United States.