The month of October witnessed a dramatic increase in the total number of violations against Palestinian journalists, with a total of 38 violations, compared to 31 violations in the archives in September.

This expansion in the full number of violations is due to a tangible acceleration in the amount of Israeli violations, which has multiplied dramatically.

Four violations were recorded by Facebook in October, when the pages of news sites that had a place were closed and blocked with columnists ensuring that they "misuse the publication guidelines."

Israeli violations:

The amount of Israeli violations doubled during the month of October, adding up to 31 violations against the 13 Israeli violations that were archived during the month of September, an increase of 100%, and a large number of these violations was a composite and included all writers. In more than one episode. The book was legitimately focused, deprived of media coverage, and took steps to keep them away from party destinations, as in the village of Burqa in Ramallah, while covering the olive gathering ceremony.

There was no noticeable change in the notion of Israeli abuse in terms of type, as the vast majority of them fall under real attacks against the life of writers and the opportunity of the press, most notably the capture of three columnists (one of them was exiled from Al-Aqsa Mosque for seven days), and 21 writers were injured while covering the work of Field (five of them were hit by rubber shells), while the others suffocated and some were attacked.

The impact of the Israeli violation on: Columnist Tariq Abdel Razek Abizaid (arrested and equipment seized), Abdullah Bahsh (damaged by a rubber alloy in the right foot), Hassan Khaled Nafeh / Dabbab (wounded with a rubber bullet in the hand), and Brigadier Zayed Shehadeh (Wounded by a rubber shell in the right elbow of the hand), Ayman Ibrahim Nubani (injured by a rubber slide in the right shoulder). Alaa al-Rimawi (attacked, tried to seize equipment, scratches from a bomb thrown to his feet), Emad Muhammad Saeed (wounds from falling from a 2.5-meter barrier pushed by a fighter), BBC photographer Jimmy Morris Michel (suffocated next to one of his collaborators due to two bombs exploding Two gases on them from scratch), Muhammad Ali Turkman (suffocated and prevented from embedding), Mutasim Saqfi Al-Hayt (suffocated and prevented from embedding), Samed Tawfiq Baghdadi (suffocated and prevented from embedding). Of inclusion), Essam Hassa al-Rimawi (suffocated and deprived of inclusion), Nasser (suffocated and deprived of inclusion), writer Abd al-Rahman Yunus (suffocated and deprived of inclusion), European Agency photographer Alaa Tawfiq Badarneh (suffocated and prevented from inclusion) (Al-Jazeera photographer Muhammad Awad) Suffocated and prevented from being included) and the Palestine TV crew (Ad Bakr Muhammad Abdul-Haq, cameraman Samer al-Habash and driver Abdullah Sawalmeh) who was confined to Hajj. Palestine TV employees, including cameraman Muhammad Inaya and journalist Anal Al-Jada (they suffocated after focusing on gas bombs directly), Moaz Amarneh (the police kept him while they were instructing for physical treatment. A case raised by the fighters), Abd al-Rahman Asad Aref al-Zahir (prisoner), famous Al-Wahwah (withheld), independent photographer Abd al-Aphi Bassam Abd al-Affu al-Zughair (captured and removed from al-Aqsa)