The Palestinian Media Forum condemned the capture of the Israeli occupation authorities, the journalist Bushra al-Tawil, the widespread arrest of the writer Zaher, and the sentence against the columnist Mardawi.

The aggression of the Israeli occupation authorities on the Palestinian media and its knights continues, and they deny all the international obligations and standards that attest to the guarantee of writers and media work opportunities, and they try, with all their efforts, to obstruct the Palestinian account to hide the violations and violations of the occupation in the Palestinian areas, where the Israeli occupation authorities have arrested the journalist partner Bushra Al-Tawil, on the night of Sunday, November 8, 2020, at a military checkpoint near the settlement of Bechar, in the south of the country. From the city of Nablus in the West Bank, while she was returning from Jenin.

The journalist, Bushra Al-Tawil, works for the organization (Anti-Registry). She was arrested several times by the occupation forces, despite abuse and beatings during the past years, and she was kept away from the media. The occupation experts handed her over on 7/28/2020 after 8 months in administrative detention.

Likewise, the Palestinian Journalists Forum condemns the increase in the occupation specialist by imprisoning writer Abdel-Rahman Zahir after a court session.

The occupation took place last Thursday, knowing that he was captured on Tuesday, 27

October 2020, after the bombing of his home in Nablus, in the northern West Bank, and the gathering rebuked the occupation specialists' decision regarding columnist Mujahid Hamdallah Mardawi to ten months in prison.

The Palestinian Journalists Forum conveys its firm judgment on continuing to violate the Israeli occupation of the knights of the Palestinian media, and renews its call for the International Federation of Journalists to act to stop the occupation's boycott of the Palestinian media with everyone. Of its parts. In addition, it approaches the fundamental freedoms associations around the world to activate their function of looking into responsibility and hold the occupation pioneers for their violations against Palestinian columnists,

Which has reached the target of direct targeting, despite the constant focus on different types of focus.

The Palestinian Journalists Forum witnesses its pride in the knights of the Palestinian media who continue to expose the violations of the occupation in general.