When the nations of the entire world are worried about natural issues and issues, and when they assign tremendous financial plans and hold worldwide gatherings; To contemplate approaches to safeguard the climate and accomplish reasonable improvement to protect human life on the outside of this planet - the Palestinian climate, which is essential for the worldwide climate, is as yet seeing far reaching Israeli assaults, as the land, air, water, and individuals are exposed to the most merciless assault ever. 

The pages of history have perused us that contentions occurred between people, separately and aggregately, and their battles were over a wellspring of water, or the seed of grass, or even a particular conviction, yet what history has not seen is that man is a foe of life in general, a foe of land, trees and creatures, a foe of water and air. This is the thing that the Palestinian regions have been seeing for a long while now on account of the Israeli occupation powers. Here are the green fields, which have gotten infertile after they were demolished and the foundation of Israeli settlements, their detour streets, and their security zones, and rings of spiked metal were raised on the excellent slopes, and military lookouts were raised to ensure settlements and expanded mountain streets, cut by military obstructions, concrete squares, and gigantic amounts of Solid waste and wastewater have aggregated to spread creepy crawlies and plagues, and irritating undesirable scents, even wild creatures deserted their caves and openings, under the weight of digging, commotion, and the air that was loaded up with dust, harmful gases and perilous radiation, and the significant quandary. Contamination in its little part remains. 

In this report, we will attempt to feature the risks to which the Palestinian climate has been uncovered since the primary day of the Israeli control of the Palestinian regions in 1967. 

The Israeli occupation powers started to practice their forceful strategy on the Palestinian public and their abilities. It immediately gave numerous military requests that empower the occupation powers to force their control and authority on the Palestinian land as per pre-laid plans. The occupation powers coordinated their assaults towards seizure of grounds, demolishing them and controlling water assets, and attempting to discharge the place that is known for its occupants to supplant the majority of settlers and dislodged Jews in their place. . 

A few types of Israeli assaults on the Palestinian climate: 

First: the seizure of terrains 

The Israeli occupation powers controlled 3452068 dunums of Palestinian grounds, comparable to about 61% of the region of   the West Bank in the West Bank, among 1967 and September 2000, and that; To abuse them to set up Israeli settlements on them, and to develop sidestep streets to serve them and to make some of them security and military territories, or shut ensured regions to be utilized for the reasons for settlement extension later on, hence denying the authentic proprietors of land from profiting by and misusing their properties; This considered contrarily their general financial and public activity.

During the period from 9/29/2000 to 30/4/2006, it seized 245,808 dunums of land in the West Bank for the administration of the Apartheid Wall, and destroyed 76,867 dunums of the most fruitful rural terrains. 

The Israeli settlement is one of the most conspicuous appearances of the Israeli misuse of the Palestinian grounds. From 1967 to the furthest limit of 2003, the Israeli occupation powers manufactured 316 settlement destinations in the West Bank, including 155 authority settlements and 161 other settlement locales, and constructed 700 kilometers of sidestep streets to associate these destinations to one another from one viewpoint, and connection them to Israel from On the other hand. 

The foundation of these settlement ventures has adversely influenced the Palestinian climate, as clearing works spread to enormous zones of green regions and rural zones, and various trees were removed until the finish of April 2005 around 1355290 trees, and the cleared grounds were changed over into fruitless terrains, which thus thought about Not just the Palestinian public, but rather additionally the untamed life framework in the Palestinian domains. It constrained numerous sorts of wild creatures and fowls to relocate from places that were demolished, and sidestep streets and settlement wall made a sort of natural detachment that incredibly influences the biodiversity in the Palestinian terrains. 

The way of the Segregation Wall in the West Bank 

The foundation of this number of Israeli settlement stations and sidestep streets, and the ensuing development of a partition divider; It will make the Palestinian grounds isolated, and it will make the Palestinian populace live in enormous ghettos, unfit to do their lives in its different structures; Thus, it will adversely influence the advancement of the Palestinian culture. What prompts the spread of joblessness and an expansion in destitution rates among Palestinians.
Second: burglary of Palestinian water 

The primary military request gave by the Israeli occupation powers before the finish of the war, that is, on June 7, 1967, was identified with oppressing all water assets in the Palestinian domains in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the control of the Israeli military ruler. Israel started actualizing its strategy of controlling Palestinian water assets. As it did numerous subjective measures against Palestinian residents, including: 

Forcing limitations on Palestinian misuse of their water constantly rights in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 

Limited boring of agrarian wells in the Palestinian domains. 

A few wells were burrowed inside the Israeli settlements situated in the Palestinian domains. 

A progression of wells were burrowed along the peace negotiation line with the Gaza Strip; To exhaust new water, and to decrease the progression of water into the waterfront spring in the Gaza Strip. 

A progression of wells have been burrowed along the truce line with the West Bank; To drain the western bowl water. 

It set up a gathering of dams to hinder the water streaming into the valleys of Gaza. 

Limited tasks of recovering rural terrains and setting up numerous provinces on the underground supply territories. 

The Israeli water approaches empowered Israel to control 86.5% of the Palestinian water, leaving just 13.5% of their water left for them, and even this amount didn't permit the occupation powers to misuse it, and didn't keep the arrangements endorsed with the Palestine Liberation Organization, particularly as to water. In Oslo, the yearly Palestinian water amount is 734 million cubic meters of water, and 235 million cubic meters of water have been set for the Palestinians, while the rest goes to Israel and its settlements in the West Bank. That, however the development of the politically-sanctioned racial segregation divider will make many wells and springs detached and helpless against extension by the involving power. Since it is situated inside the eastern and western security zones. 

The limitations forced by the Israeli occupation powers on Palestinian residents' abuse of their water have significantly blocked the advancement of the Palestinian water area. Where there are 183 networks in the West Bank that are not covered by the public water organization, and the enormous Israeli consumption of Palestinian water has prompted the presentation of Palestinian water to numerous perils, the most significant of which is the decline in water and its contamination with chloride and nitrates, where contamination rates are high. 

Third: contamination with wastewater 

All through its control of the Palestinian terrains, the Israeli occupation dismissed numerous essential offices, including disinfection, as the quantity of Palestinian people group with sterilization networks arrived at just 74, and this number establishes just 12.4% of the all out number of Palestinian settlements. This makes a large portion of the wastewater be released either in cesspits, watercourses, or it gathers in unique lakes. What makes it leave hurtful wellbeing and ecological effects, for example, its unsafe impacts on the groundwater store or establishing a reasonable climate for the proliferation of creepy crawlies and the discharge of undesirable smells.

To exacerbate the situation, the wastewater created by the utilization of Israeli pioneers in the Israeli settlements, is released into Palestinian valleys and horticultural terrains. The measure of wastewater coming about because of the utilization of the pioneers, who number around 430,000, is assessed at around 40 million cubic meters, which is considerably more than the measure of wastewater coming about because of the utilization of the Palestinian residents, who number about 3.9 million. The measure of wastewater created from their utilization is assessed at 30 million cubic meters yearly. 

The release of Israeli wastewater to this degree leaves negative consequences for the Palestinian climate. The consequences of the study led by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics showed that 249 Palestinian people group are presented to groundwater contamination because of wastewater spillage into the spring, and yields are presented to contamination in 321 regions. The wastewater streaming into aqueducts and yields is a wellspring of terrible smell outflows in 427 areas and a wellspring of pestilences in 373 regions.
Fourth: Solid waste contamination 

Israel utilized Palestinian domains to discard its strong waste; Solid waste dumpsites utilized by Palestinian residents were utilized in the Al-Tira region in Ramallah, Yatta in Hebron, and Abu Dis in Jerusalem, and that; To discard its waste, regardless of whether coming about because of the utilization of pilgrims in Israeli settlements in the West Bank, or from squander coming about because of the utilization of Israelis inside Israel; This expands the weight and the chance of obliging Palestinian dumps. This is notwithstanding the dumpsites made by the settlements. 

Moreover, the Israeli approach of attack and conclusion and limiting the opportunity of development of residents; It prompted the rise of numerous arbitrary dumpsites. 

The cutoff doesn't stop at tossing strong waste coming about because of homegrown use. Or maybe, Israel discards its dangerous and harmful material in the Palestinian regions, for example, the landfill it has set up close to the city of Nablus, in which it plans to discard around 10 thousand tons of perilous and harmful material every month. The occupation powers have likewise covered enormous amounts of dangerous waste in the Palestinian domains, as occurred in the Gaza Strip, west of Khan Yunis, during the control of the Strip. Close to the city of Qalqilya, numerous barrels were found that contain harmful substances. 

The unloading of strong waste, regardless of whether it is from homegrown utilizations or dangerous and harmful materials coming about because of modern action, has negative wellbeing impacts. The consequences of the insights gathered by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics demonstrated that 238 Palestinian people group experience the ill effects of the tortures of strong waste and its upsetting smells, and that 210 networks where waste was a wellspring of scourges, while 250 networks experience the ill effects of creepy crawlies that are a wellspring of waste. 

Fifthly: different wellsprings of contamination 

Natural contamination in the Palestinian domains coming about because of the presence of the Israeli occupation isn't restricted to wastewater or strong waste. Or maybe, air contamination is brought about by residue and earth coming about because of various Israeli smashers in certain quarries and dissipated in different pieces of the West Bank, notwithstanding air contamination because of the discharge of poisonous gases And the unsafe impacts of the Israeli processing plants that were worked close to the peace negotiation line with the West Bank, and the consistent commotion coming about because of the hints of Israeli warplanes, or while they were breaking the sound wall, notwithstanding the shooting of gunnery shells and tank shells in the eastern Gaza Strip - a difficult that plagues most pieces of the nation, and remembers all Aspects of life for it.