Dhaka: Bangladeshi professionals transiting in Saudi Arabia praised the new changes in work in the kingdom that facilitate binding legal restrictions on unfamiliar actors

Saudi specialists recently reported that the seven-decade-old warranty framework, known as the Kafala, was to be scrapped.

The changes, which took effect in March, aim to make the Saudi labor market more attractive by allowing over 10 million unfamiliar professionals the option to change careers and leave the country without permission from companies.

Shamim Ahmad Chowdhury Numan, Secretary-General of the Bangladesh Federation of International Employment Agencies (BAIRA), revealed to Arab News: “We are calling for the selection of the Saudi government. It is a positive step. At the moment, workers can without much change their attitudes that will help them in searching for better open doors in the market. Occupation in the kingdom. "

He said that his association had enthusiastically stopped studying the new framework and expected it to be implemented.

Saudi Arabia is the single largest target of transient Bangladeshi professionals and more than 2 million of them live in the Kingdom.

Constantly, they send billions of dollars back to their home country. Settlements from Bangladeshis in Saudi Arabia totaled $ 4 billion in the last fiscal year, according to information from the Bangladesh Office of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET).

Sherif Hasan, head of the movement at BRAC, a Bangladesh-based organization, revealed to Arab News that the new framework will make life easier for traveling workers.

Under the current sponsorship framework, trans professionals are usually associated with a single principal.

Bangladeshi specialists praised the new framework that would establish the contact between managers and workers on a standard agreement confirmed by the public authority, and would allow workers to legally apply to departments through the e-government portal, instead of mandatory validation by bosses.

Nowadays, I can choose everything on my own, "trans specialist Muhammad Hussein revealed to Arab News.

Hoaxes Joarder, who intends to work in Saudi Arabia, said the change was an extraordinary relief as it would allow workers to look for new job opportunities when their contracts expire during their stay in the kingdom.