An official in the Gaza Strip, Sami Al-Amsi, revealed that the unemployment rate in the Gaza Strip reached exceptional levels of 82%, after it recorded an additional 17% during 65% before the emergency.

Al-Amsi said in a press statement, that the state of emergency is expanding in the country in general, indicating that there are 160 thousand people directly affected by the crisis, while there is a discrepancy in the formulation of a large number of workers between a corrective return visit to work or intermittent interruption. Or then it continues again due to the difficult conditions we are witnessing and the failure of many production lines, organizations, workshops, and business focus to work in a typical way.

He stated that the state of emergency cast a shadow over the work area and hit different areas, which led to the layoffs of many specialists.

Al-Amsi said: "The risk of inevitable unemployment among workers is not exactly the risk of an outbreak of infection, because this deprives a large number of workers from meeting the basic requirements of life, and doubles their human and daily lives. In today's environments, the expansion of need and exceptional poverty among workers."

The union official explained that the emergency developed the workers' injuries that were broken by the continuous Israeli tape for a very long time, which made the public vehicles area completely incapacitated, which indicates that there are 15-20 thousand drivers working in a large or respectable manner, while the development area that used 40 thousand specialists is parked. Altogether, 8,000 workers returned to the modern area out of 21,000.

He drew attention to the fact that 4 thousand fishermen suffer from the bad effects of the daily attacks of the occupation, while the number of kindergarten workers is 2,800 workers, while the travel industry area, which includes 5 thousand specialists in the middle of the road, and horticulture workers suffer incredible misfortunes due to the circumstances. Similar.

Al-Amsi stressed that what is required is to link the endeavors of various administrative and non-administrative organizations and special activities and direct them to improve the lives of workers, and to go to government departments in Gaza, the Legislative Council and the Qatari Committee to allocate financial installments and exceptional bonuses to workers to alleviate the troublesome conditions.

Al-Amsi warned that the high indicators of unemployment among workers indicate a charitable catastrophe that cannot be compensated for many years, as well as the embezzlement of huge operating projects in the labor market, and everyone bears his obligations.

He pointed out that the main cash installment that was disbursed to the affected individuals in Gaza did not win only a small part of the workers, whom the Qatari award helps a large number of them to improve their conditions, but what is required is unfamiliar evidence and support for a fragment of workers from various fields. like he said.