The Israeli occupation forces destroyed an entire network in Khirbet Hamsa, north of the Jordan Valley. This scene is being reformulated as a feature of the de facto strategy to impose the occupying power on the region.

Last Tuesday evening 11/24/2020, the Israeli occupation forces attacked the area and demolished all parts of the area, dispersing 74 civilians, including 41 children.

Individuals and homes were attacked by the Israeli occupation forces in Khirbet Homs, which revealed the repeated crimes of the occupation.

According to the B'Tselem report, the occupation fighters bombed Khirbet Homsa, along with two tractors, two bulldozers, and two military jeeps. This Israeli force destroyed 18 tents and camps that were owned by 11 groups of 74 people, 41 of them were minors.

In addition, the Israeli occupation forces crushed 29 tents and military fences that were used as pens for pets, three garson huts used as storage, nine tents for kitchens, ten multi-use toilets, two solar panels, 23 water tanks, ten pens and carriers. . To prepare food and water for animals.

The Israeli authorities destroyed more than thirty tons of fodder, and seized two cars and two agricultural trucks belonging to three Palestinians, according to the report.

Ethnic cleansing

Khirbet Hamsa is one of the many Palestinian groups in the Jordan Valley that are being subjected to organized crushing activities to expel their residents as a component of the ethnic cleansing strategy that the Israeli occupation forces are seeking.

Moataz Bisharat, who registered the authority in the northern valley in the Wall and Settlement Resistance Authority, confirmed that Khirbet Homsa appeared in a dangerous situation after the great and widespread crushing of the Israeli occupation forces, which is commensurate with the ethnic cleansing.

Bisharat told the center, "The occupation soldiers occupied the area on Tuesday night and removed 75 offices within hours, and this is one of the biggest violations of destruction in the region for a long time."

He stressed that the destruction did not increase sheep pens, compact bathrooms, solar cells and water tanks, adding that the area appeared to be hit by an earthquake.

Permission to crush

Through a generally continuous military option, Israel has made it easier for itself to implement an approach to reduce the Palestinian presence in the areas it is trying to seize.

According to Israeli information, occupation specialists kidnapped 242 soldiers during this year 2020, while during 2019 it seized about 700 residents and farm diggers, and evacuated about 7,500 trees that were planted in Area C.

The supposed Civil Administration, the occupying arm in the concerned West Bank, boasts of having figured out how to reduce the amount of global mitigation projects offered to the Palestinians in Area C, for example, troop entry and construction framework. The volume of pledges was reduced to 12 activities during 2019 compared to 75 comparative tasks implemented during 2015.

The B'Tselem report indicates that the entire world is currently facing the state of the Crown Emergency, but during this specific period, Israel has chosen dual endeavors and principles in mistreating Palestinians rather than helping them.

A real addition

The Israeli Occupation Forces are trying to legalize the Crusades' destruction campaigns as a supposed implementation of the planning and building laws to confront building violations. With this in mind, these unjustified accusations have no significance in the frenzy of agnostic reality that Israel has created, as it stops granting building permits to Palestinians and enables them to work without a grant.

Ahmed Abu Zuhri, an opponent of basic freedoms, confirmed that while Israel claims that it is freezing the addition plan; Looting, destruction, settlement expansion, and land grabbing show that the real addition continues and nothing has changed on the ground.

Zuhri stated that Israel continues to act in the areas concerned as if it is its own and hinders any Palestinian progress throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.