Yesterday, Sunday, November 8, marks the twentieth anniversary of the martyrdom of the Palestinian child Faris Odeh, who was shot dead by the occupation forces near the Karni crossing in the eastern Gaza Strip in 2000.

Fares Odeh, 15, was shot dead by the Israeli occupation forces while he was participating in throwing stones at the Israeli army. During the second month of the Al-Aqsa Intifada (which broke out in September 2000), this was done by standing against an Israeli tank with small stones.

This boy became famous for a picture showing him facing a Merkava tank with rocks. During the confrontations with the occupation in eastern Gaza, the global network raised his image at that stage, against the occupation's practices against the Palestinians.

Odeh was killed, after the occupation officers pierced his knee with a bullet, and his picture as a "obstacle" covered the pages of international newspapers and magazines .. Moreover, his mother describes amazing pictures: “He was not an ordinary child, and at the age of 6 years he used to say that I needed Remove the enemy.

And it included a press release: “At the beginning of an academic year, Fares asked to transfer him from the Shafi’i school near the house to another school called the“ Tunis ”school, and he had what he needed.

She drew attention to the fact that the assertion of "confessions" on the opposition and the throwing of stones at the occupation fighters began to increase with Ariel Sharon (a former leader of the occupation) burning the Al-Aqsa courtyards on September 28, 2000.

Moreover, she continued: "Every day since the outbreak of the Palestinian intifada, (Fares) has been away from school in the third meeting, during a break, and jumping over the checkpoint, gathering his full confidence, breaking stones, and standing a meter from an Israeli tank."

She explained that Fares was martyred "after his lower side fell from his foot, and the occupation officers took advantage of that second and pushed him with a chain of silencers in his neck, killing his innocent life."

Umm Faris explained that after his departure for three years, the family gave birth to a small child, and chose to name him "Faris".

She concluded her remarks, saying: "I was after my young son, while he was participating in the confrontations, but he was fleeing towards the confrontations and breaking into the front lines with the occupation amid the fire and tanks, until he was martyred."