Activists sent an online mission to blacklist Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank due to its cooperation with Bank Leumi, which is involved in settlement exercises in the Palestinian areas concerned.

The popular campaign to boycott Zionist companies said on Twitter that Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank has concluded an agreement with Bank Leumi. It is on the United Nations list of organizations associated with illegal Israeli settlements and requires a blacklist.

On September 16, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank announced a reminder of understanding with Bank Leumi, the second largest bank in Israel, to investigate cooperation areas in the UAE, Israel and other global business sectors.

The understanding between the two banks came one day after the UAE and Bahrain agreed to arrangements to unify relations with Israel under American protection.

Abu Dhabi said the arrangement was an act to fight the Tel Aviv ranked addition to the West Bank, although competitors accept that standardization endeavors have long since been in sight as Israeli authorities made visits to the authorities to the UAE and went to the meetings. In a country that has no discretionary or different ties with the occupying power.