Yesterday, December 28, 2020, Al-Haq sent letters to the High Representative of the European Commission, the Deputy CEO, the European Union Commissioner for Trade, and the European Union member states with representatives of appreciation in the occupied Palestinian territories. , Inviting and communicating with them to assist the initial activity of the 46 members of the European Parliament, and to speak to the vast majority of political rallies in the European Parliament, to boycott exchanges with the illegal settlements established in the West Bank.

The letters focused on the function that the European Union played in restraining the encroachment on fundamental freedoms on the ground offered to resist international law. This testimony to fundamental freedoms is reflected in the re-drafted European Union ruling regarding Israel's violation of public freedoms, and approaches Israel to comply with its legal obligations as an occupying power, including its calls to end all settlement practices, and the European Union Court of Justice decision regarding marking elements of Israeli settlements, The order authorizing the status of the European Commission in its 2015 explanatory notification regarding EU Regulation No. 1169/2011 regarding the ranking of food consumer data.

While Al-Haq recognizes the European Union’s endeavors to ensure the security of basic freedoms for Palestinians, it is essential to stress the way forward in Israel by rejecting these measures. Likewise, as Israel efficiently begins to ignore the public freedoms of Palestinians, the letters indicated that it is important for the European Union to take strong, concrete and swift action, including by supporting the aforementioned proposal and restricting exchange and support, which is illegal. Settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, to end the endless Israeli exemption, which undermines the structure of global legal demand.

The European Union and its member states also state that they have adopted the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), and have consistently dedicated to making progress and achieving results in legitimate measures to end the illegal Israeli settlement project, which is a serious violation of fundamental freedoms. And the exemption.

Finally, by reminding the European Union and its member states of their legal obligation not to recognize any circumstance arising from an unlawful directly as legal, and to cooperate effectively to end the unlawful circumstance, the letters requested the European Union and its member states to assist the current proposal and to take a fundamental and important step in realizing that a breach The settlement undertaking, and its spread, extends both to the illegal allocation of the land, and to business items whose production depends on the illegal misuse of that land.