May 3, 2020, the Israeli Military Court in Ofer has sentenced Mays to 16 months in prison from the day of her arrest, August 29, 2019.

Abu Ghosh is a researcher at Birzeit University and an essayist who tried to advance the battles of Palestinian political prisoners and deportees.

She was caught in a ferocious attack on her home in Ramallah in August.

The ruling also included a suspended sentence, starting from the day she was handed over, and serving a year in prison for the next five years. Moreover, Mais included a fine of 2000 shekels as well.

Mays was subjected to ruthless examination and torment inside Israeli prisons to the point that her family did not envision her when the occupation called them to the center where Mays was arrested.

She was upset at the time and told the specialists that this was not my little girl, but she smiled at me, so I calmed down. "I started to think about what I lived," said Abu Hussein, my father.

Israel carried out 414 attacks on Palestinian media workers in 2020

The Israeli occupation authorities have carried out 414 attacks against Palestinian journalists and journalists since the beginning of the year.

The Committee to Support Journalists said in a statement that the Israeli occupation authorities "intentionally assaulted them" who were trying "to stifle the reality regarding their violation."

The association issued the declaration of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which falls on November 29.

He emphasized that the Israeli occupation authorities used live ammunition and metal slugs covered with elasticity and poisonous and toxic gases against Palestinian columnists, while preventing them from covering important events and occasions, closing their workplaces, burning writers' homes, breaking their equipment, and confining them. And torment them.

The commission stated that this matter is important in the "brutal battle" of the occupation against the Palestinian media and its content.

The Board of Trustees re-ruled on the "discretionary behavior of the occupation, represented by an explicit and deliberate focus on the Palestinian media while performing their duties and the inclusion of violations of the occupation against the Palestinian public." She said there are currently 25 columnists inside Israeli prisons.

The committee repeated its approach to international bodies to pressure Israel to present a columnist.