Palestinian authorities said today that US marking of items made in illegal settlements in the Palestinian territories as manufactured in Israel violates international law and requires expeditious legal mediation.

Justice Minister Muhammad Shalaldeh said in a statement that choosing the United States to verify the terms of the settlements as being produced in Israel sues the US government first in the US courts, and then in the International Criminal Court and regional courts.
The choice of US President Donald Trump's organization is contrary to United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, and a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, fundamental freedoms, and the warning appreciation of the International Court of Justice, which recognizes the reputation of the settlements. Or provide any assistance to them, the justice minister said.

Economy Minister Khaled Al-Asaily said that the American organization examining settlement materials as being made in Israel means realizing facts on the ground and confiscating Palestinian assets and property. He said he violated the laws of the world and showed that he condemns the settlements and considers them illegal.

He told Voice of Palestine radio that the Palestinian government will pursue this case in international courts and will sue the organizations operating in the settlements despite the European Union’s approach to boycotting the crossing of the settlement clauses on the basis that the settlements are built on embedded terrain. .

Meanwhile, Minister of Justice Shalaldeh said that his service is considering referring the issue of attacks by Israeli settlers against ordinary Palestinian citizens in the Palestinian territories to international criminal courts.