Perfectly and completely ten years ago, Captain, Palestinian volleyball expert Ibn Singel Rani Asfour launched the idea of   establishing the "mini volleyball in Palestine" program, with the encouragement of the president of the Palestinian Volleyball Federation at the time, Rene Zembel. Hundreds of times to reach 20,000 participants "of both sexes."

Speaking to Pal Sport Network and Agency, Asfour confirmed that the idea behind this program that is being implemented inside schools in all governorates of the country and under the auspices of the Palestinian Volleyball Federation aims to raise the level of students in this game because it targets all students, especially since the main source and factory for any sport are schools, The factory in which sports materials are discovered, as mini volleyball is the best way to develop the student’s level of game skills, and it is practiced by students of both sexes with joy and happiness, and it targets all students.

The founder of mini volleyball in Palestine, Rani Asfour, thanked all those who contributed to the success of this idea, stressing that nearly 20,000 students have gone through this experience during the past ten years since the idea was established, with an average of 2,000 students annually, stressing that mini volleyball is one of the foundations. In developing the game and publishing it in Palestine.