As Christmas approaches, and as the busiest season for current purchases approaches, Palestinians from all over the world are approaching customers to blacklist the active sports brand Puma for its support of the IFA.

On Saturday, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) sent a stern message to Puma County, which despite being close to customers for blacklisting the brand, it will also collect calls to Puma, dealing with groups on a large scale. In addition to stopping the use of the Puma brand, and conveying a message from 200 Palestinian soccer teams asking Puma to stop supporting the Israeli occupation.

In 2018, Adidas ended its organization with the Israel Football Association (IFA).

Before long, Delta Jalil, the selective shipper of Puma items and the brand movement in Israel, struck four years for IFA management to supply the Israeli General Group with all the essential hardware to play during competitions.

This arrangement was reprimanded by Palestinian activists because FIFA crews are allowed to play in a designated area in the West Bank, in violation of global law just as the standards set by the soccer governing body, FIFA.

Likewise, the Galilee Delta has branches in and procedures for illegal Israeli settlements.

In a statement to Middle East Eye, Puma said that its agreement with Delta Galil expires at the end of 2020, and its new transportation partner, Al Srad Ltd, based in Tel Aviv, has no branches in illegal settlements and is not operating in any.

In terms of moving forward with the IFA, Puma said it's up to Al Srad as to whether to continue working with the affiliation.

A representative for Puma revealed to Middle East Eye that "Al-Nimr does not support soccer crews in the settlements nor does the Israeli wholesaler have branches in the settlements."