Shock after shock as a result of the Arab states' successive recognition of Israel, it is not difficult to remember how the Palestinians should feel this way. US President Trump may be about to take off from the White House, but his legacy in the Middle East will be repeated for a long time to come. Because even when he reluctantly withdraws from a completely different organization planning to settle, his influence on some Muslim countries with regard to Israel has not diminished. Also, news reports now show that two additional countries are preparing to make similar statements.

The Palestinians are likely to feel that these turnings in events have overtaken them. For a very long time they have relied on the possibility of Arab states, especially those that include Israel, being recognized as a negotiating tool that would ultimately transfer them to the alleged two-state arrangement, this is not possible at this stage and it is quite clear that the Arab states have adopted Donald Trump's view; That the Palestinians should finally acknowledge business as usual and stop making such complaints about their country. One might think that they would be grateful to countries like Pakistan and Malaysia, which basically refuse to have anything to do with the Jewish state until the Palestinian issue is settled for the last time, but it is plausible that this is a token aid as well and generally not possible. Help them in any capacity and with any extent of imagination.

The fact of the matter is that the two-state arrangement messed up Aquarius before it actually even started. Moreover, the only conceivable arrangement that would have been followed was for the truth to be told of a one-state arrangement with Jerusalem as the capital of both the Jewish and Muslim state. However, nowadays this is also unimaginable, at this point. Moreover, poor and confiscated Palestinians must now choose the option of recognizing the exile camps dispersed across more than a dozen countries as their permanent homes. To be reasonable, it will not take long for Islamic countries, especially Arab countries, to emerge this way. Everyone thought about Israel's profound and successful influence over the White House and the US State Department. All that was necessary was someone like Donald Trump to win the American political race until all the chips were OK. Nowadays everyone expects a better future. Unfortunately, everyone except the Palestinians.