The Representative Office of Poland in Palestine funded the Polish cooperative progress, with the participation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, and in cooperation with the House of Peace in Bethlehem, to support families working in the tourism industry, which was material. Those affected by the Corona epidemic, supported by (390) packages of food and detergents.

Lawyer, mayor of Bethlehem. Anton Salman explained that since the main disease of the Covid-19 virus appeared in Bethlehem, the wheel of the tourism industry has stopped and the region's economy has been seriously affected, who also thought about Bethlehem, specifically those who work in the tourism industry.

Salman stressed that this activity comes in the support and steadfastness of these families, regardless of whether they are a drop in the ocean, especially in Christmas, when Bethlehem is used to achieve financial success. In addition, he expressed his gratitude to the Polish government and the Representative Office of the Republic of Poland for this assistance and support, and to the sisters of the St. Elizabeth Complex in the House of Peace in Bethlehem for their cooperation in distributing parcels. .

He stressed that this is the reason why the Polish support comes as support and stability for different families from Bethlehem in food packages funded by Polish aid. He also confirmed his happiness for the cooperation of his office in this activity with the House of Peace and the Bethlehem Municipality.