Today, Friday, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Tora, southwest of Jenin, for the second time within a few hours, and the occupation forces measured the house of prisoner Muhammad Marwa Qabha, 36.

And local sources reported, that the occupation forces closed the entrances to the village and prevented the citizens from moving, and surrounded the house of Mohammed Marwa, who was arrested yesterday with his two wives, for allegedly killing a settler.

According to the residents, the soldiers stormed the homes of Qafin's relatives in the village of Qafin, claiming that they had hidden there before his arrest, and arrested a number of them.

It is noteworthy that his family's house consists of two floors and is owned by his brother Muhannad. His parents, two wives and four children live in it. The occupation is still holding members of their families, including women, in the investigation center, after Israeli allegations that the released prisoner was responsible for killing a settlement in the jungles of Shekid, 3 km away.