Specialists at the United Nations blamed the Israeli army for killing a young Palestinian during a recent demonstration in the West Bank, describing the shooting of 15-year-old Ali Abu Alia as a "serious violation of international law."

In an explanation provided Thursday by the UN Human Rights Office, specialists contacted the Israeli government to conduct "an independent, impartial, prompt and direct periodic examination" of the child's death.

Israeli fighters shot Palestinian Abu Alia in the stomach during a protest near his town of Mughayir in the West Bank on December 4. He later succumbed to his wounds.

The Israeli armed forces said they had opened an examination of the incident but refused to use live ammunition against the non-conformists whom it portrayed as "instigators."

The UN confirmation on Thursday noted that the opposition in Mughayyer was against an "illegal settlement outpost". As I realized that the youngsters were throwing stones, I emphasized that they were not an imminent threat to the Israeli forces, and confronted the issue where live ammunition was not used.

He kicked the bucket shortly afterwards in a medical clinic."

UN experts - Agnes Callamard, the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, and Michael Link, the unconventional rapporteur on public freedoms in the Palestinian territories - have also emphasized the most comprehensive issue of abuse of Palestinian children.

Little dislikes

Abu Alia was the sixth Palestinian boy killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank in 2020, while more than 1,000 Palestinian minors were injured during the previous year, according to the United Nations Human Rights Office.

Callamard and Link said Israeli atrocities against children raise "deep concerns" about Israel's shared commitment to freedoms as the ruling power in Palestinian areas. They also stressed that Israeli tests regarding lethal use of power against Palestinians "rarely lead to adequate responsibility."

The death of Abu Alia raised a shock among Palestinian rights advocates, who said that the incident was an impression of the ill-treatment Palestinians are suffering from due to the Israeli authorities.

In addition, UNICEF, European Union and US lawmakers have raised concerns about the killing.