The Prisoners' Affairs Authority and the Palestinian Prisoners Association announced, last Wednesday evening, the death of the prisoner Maher Saasa, 45, from the city of Qalqilya, in the Israeli Rimonim prison.

The two organizations said, in a joint statement, that there are no clear details yet about the causes of his death, and his case will be followed up and the causes studied.
The prisoner's daughter said on social media that the family does not have specific details about the circumstances of the death, but stated that her father suffers from medical negligence as he suffers from health problems, including high blood pressure and heart and lung problems, and that his health has been deteriorating recently. .

Yesterday we heard that he and 58 other prisoners had received the emerging virus vaccine. What we know is that he got very sick after getting the vaccine, but they left him alone in the hospital room, and in the morning he passed away. That's all we know so far. "

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The two organizations pointed out that the prisoner had taken the vaccine against the virus, knowing that he was suffering from other diseases and health problems.

In the meantime, they held the occupation fully responsible for the killing of prisoner Sa`sa, and for the life and fate of all prisoners in its prisons.

Sa`sa 'has been detained since 2006, and sentenced to 25 years. He is married and has six children.