Dr. Essam Hijjawi is a political prisoner, and he is being held in Maghabri High Security Prison in Northern Ireland.
He was arrested on 22 August at Heathrow airport around the same time British forces detained nine Sarad members.

Dr. Hijjawi Basalat gradually suffered from more painful illnesses inside Moghabri prison. Issam suffers from real medical problems and is not getting the treatment he needs. It also caused severe suffering and the collapse of his health. Despite the current conditions, Issam was repeatedly prevented from being released on bail. Most recently, his application for bail was rejected again on December 22, despite strong evidence of his illness and the effects of the arrest on his health in general.
Essam faced a court session on January 6 and is still being held without charge.

In addition, he faces deteriorating health and constant leg pain, while all evidence of his innocence is removed by political gimmicks.

Who is Dr. Issam Hijjawi Basalat?

Dr. Essam is a Palestinian who has lived in the capital, Edinburgh since 2010 .
He is a well-known and respected member of the Palestinian community in Scotland and father of four children. He previously held the position of President of the Palestinian Communities Association in Scotland and was active throughout Europe in advocating for Palestinian rights of return, freedom and justice, and spoke frequently at meetings, conferences, and events.