Today, Sunday 10/1/2021, five human rights organizations submitted a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court against the decision of the Israeli Minister of Internal War, Amir Ohana, not to vaccinate prisoners with an anti-Corona virus vaccine.

The petition was submitted by organizations: the Association for Civil Rights, Physicians for Human Rights, Adalah, the Center for the Defense of the Individual, and Rabbis for Human Rights.

In the petition, the organizations demanded the issuance of a decision requiring the Prisons Authority to vaccinate all prisoners, especially those over the age of 60 .
The petition was attached to the medical opinion of the Association of Public Health Physicians of the Israeli Medical Association, which emphasized that “Prisoners should be treated as residents in captivity. ".

The director of the prisoners ’department at Physicians for Human Rights, Anat Letafin, said,“ Responsibility for the health of prisoners should be placed on experts in this field, and delaying vaccination until now clearly reflects this, and it should be remembered that bad decisions affecting their health occur daily and the issue of vaccinations is not exceptional at all.

Immediate action should be taken to transfer responsibility for the health of prisoners to relevant parties. "