The Hebrew newspaper Haaretz revealed today, Sunday, that Israel has allowed the United States of America to install the Iron Dome battery system, which was recently purchased by the US military, in the Persian Gulf region.

Israeli security sources told the newspaper that the United States will also place Iron Dome batteries in various military bases in Europe and the Far East, and that they will be operated only by American forces.

About 3 weeks ago, Israel delivered a second batch of Iron Dome batteries to the US military, as part of a purchase agreement signed in August 2019.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said he is confident that the Iron Dome system will assist the US military in defending its forces against ballistic and airborne threats that are developing in places where US military forces are deployed for various missions.
The Israeli Military Industries "Rafael" company will work in the coming months to equip a production line for Iron Dome batteries outside Israel, for the benefit of the American army and other European armies, as well as other systems that Israel previously refused to sell for security and political reasons.

A report - according to Haaretz - indicates that Saudi Arabia signed a deal to buy an Iron Dome battery from Israel with American mediation, noting that the Hebrew newspaper indicated that the Israeli Defense Ministry did not reject the Saudis' request.

Israeli security sources said that there is a significant increase by Saudi Arabia and other countries to buy Iron Dome to protect their oil interests.

The sources indicated that this step was not included in the normalization agreements.