On Thursday morning, the "Ofer" prisoners returned their meals, in protest against the repression and the incursion that took place on Wednesday, to sections (16, 22, 21), which included spraying the prisoners with gas, which led to the injury of a number of them with suffocation.
The prisoner club stated that the prison administration restored the electrical equipment that was withdrawn from the prisoners, after a dialogue session that took place between the prisoners and the administration in the morning, in which the prisoners raised several demands, including: To stop the repeated incursions carried out by the repression forces against them, which escalated significantly, in addition to returning all Electricity that was withdrawn yesterday.

The Prisoner Club pointed out that the prisoners in "Ofer" prison are facing systematic repression, which is the most violent, as the most violent incursion was recorded against prisoners in Ofer in 2019, and the matter was renewed in 2020 after the death of prisoner Dawood Al-Khatib. Yesterday, the first operation was recorded. A break-in against them since the beginning of the year 2021.
It is noteworthy that the incursions form part of the systematic policies that the occupation prison administration uses against the prisoners, with the accompanying repression and violence, and since 2019, the prison administration has restored the use of incursions, which have been described as the most violent for several years.