A report by the Palestinian Prisoners Association revealed the death of 226 prisoners in Israeli jails detained since 1967. This is in addition to hundreds of prisoners who died shortly after their release, due to the diseases and injuries they had suffered. They suffered during the years of their detention.

In addition, 73 prisoners died due to torture at the hands of the Israeli prison authorities - a practice that has been in use over the past decades, and has escalated again since the end of 2019.
The statement indicated that during the past ten years, 29 prisoners died in the occupation prisons, and the policy of medical negligence was a major cause of their deaths.

In 2020, four prisoners died, namely Nour al-Din al-Barghouti, Saadi al-Gharabli, Daoud al-Khatib and Kamal Abu Waer.

The Israeli occupation authorities continue to detain the bodies of 28 prisoners, the oldest of whom is the body of Anis Dawla, who has been detained since 1980, in addition to Aziz Uweissat, who died in 2018, Faris Baroud, Nasr Taqata and Bassam. Al-Sayeh died in 2019, and three in 2020, they were: Saadi Al-Gharabli, Daoud Al-Khatib, and Kamal Abu Waer.

The report stated that prisoner Dawood Al-Khatib died on September 2 in "Ofer" prison, after 18 years of detention, and several months before his release date. On November 10, after 17 years in prison, he was diagnosed with throat cancer and coronavirus infection at the Occupation Hospital.

The occupation authorities continue to detain his body and refuse to hand it over to his family for burial .