A Palestinian governmental organization announced that the Israeli occupation committed 561 attacks on Palestinian photojournalists and Palestinian news sources during the past year 2020.

The government media office explained in its annual report on Israeli violations against Palestinian photojournalists, as the month of February witnessed the largest number of violations against Palestinian photographers, in general, attacks, shootings, and arrests.

The office emphasized that the Israeli armed forces had used "direct and lethal force" to suffocate Palestinian photographers, imprison them, attack their homes, and confiscate their media tools and cameras.
In the wake of the issuance of a law that persuades the Internet media to examine and delete any publication that it believes incites against the Israeli occupation, the Israeli occupation has increased the infringement of Palestinian photojournalists and their borders, as the report indicated.

The report recorded 132 cases in which photographers were investigated or were placed under investigation, and 122 cases were reported to suppress media coverage of Israeli violations against the Palestinian population.

Israeli occupation specialists have systematically used various methods of tension to intimidate Palestinian journalists.

As an element of the restriction and suffocation of Palestinian material through the media on the Internet, more than 91 cases were closed or steps were taken to erase the records and pages of the Palestinian media on the Internet.

In 2020, 26 cases of the Israeli occupation confiscated identity cards and equipment for Palestinian photographers and imposed travel restrictions in a move to deter them from covering Israeli violations against the Palestinian public.
The office warned of the continued violation of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian journalists and media professionals without considering it responsible for its mistakes against the opportunity of the press and media.

It also called for the body that was formed in Gaza in relation to the United Nations Human Rights Council to form a committee to quickly request the registration of the deprivation of basic freedoms and the violation of international international law in the occupied Palestinian territories.