The Israeli armed forces shot and wounded several Palestinian demonstrators, one of them seriously, who were demonstrating against Israeli thefts of Palestinian lands in the occupied areas of the West Bank, on the front page of three Palestinian daily newspapers distributed every morning

"Al-Ayyam" newspaper said in its main article, which was published on its front page, that there were serious injuries among the demonstrators, in the campaign of shooting at them by the Israeli armed forces during the Friday marches.
Al-Hayat al-Jadidah also said that a number of victims were injured by rubber bullets and tear gas.
She added that the occupation army attacked the shepherds and destroyed the trees.

"Al-Quds" newspaper said that officials in the Israeli occupation army supported the establishment of a recreational center for settlers in Jerusalem, which would lead to allocating many dunams of Palestinian lands for this settlement project.

The front page of "Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah" ​​newspaper dealt with the statements of President Mahmoud Abbas, referring to the commemoration of the outbreak of the Palestinian popular demonstrations against the Israeli occupation.

It quoted him as saying that the hour of opportunity is definitely coming, and the outbreak of unrest changed the boring path of the 1948 Nakba to the stage of anticipating the ability of the Palestinian people to achieve their goals of opportunity and self-rule.

Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah clarified that the virus crisis committee will meet today to settle in the following stages to combat the spread of the disease in Palestine.

Al-Quds said that the Palestinian patients detained in Israeli prisons must move quickly to save their lives from Covid.

She also said that Morocco is postponing unity with Israel in anticipation of the position of US President-elect Joe Biden on the Sahara issue and the Palestinian issue.

"Al-Ayyam" newspaper said that the United States and Israel are still isolated from the world .