The President of the Arab Parliament, Adel Al-Asoumi, welcomed the decrees issued by the President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, regarding determining the dates for holding the Palestinian general legislative, presidential and National Council elections, respectively, within six months during the current year 2021.
The President of the Arab Parliament affirmed in a statement today, Saturday, the Arab Parliament’s support for these important elections, and its willingness to participate in monitoring them and providing all support for their success, as it is an important step to support the Palestinian cause in the first place and an essential entry point to restore national unity and end the division and enable the brotherly Palestinian people to choose their representatives in Its national institutions, according to the official Palestinian agency.

Al-Osoumi welcomed the positive responses from the Palestinian factions regarding setting the date for the elections, calling on all segments of the brotherly Palestinian people and all Palestinian factions to participate in these elections and work to overcome all obstacles in order for them to succeed.