The Palestinian Prisoners' Association confirmed that Israeli soldiers kidnapped three young men near Jenin at dawn today, one in Tulkarm in the northern West Bank, and another young man near Bethlehem, south of the Palestinian capital, Jerusalem.

The association's office in Jenin said that several military jeeps stormed the village of Sanur, south of the city, searched many homes, and kidnapped Faris Najeh Ayasa and Daoud al-Gharbiya after storming and looting their homes.

In addition, the Israeli occupation soldiers stormed the house of Fathi Jarrar in the town of Sanur, and violently searched it and caused damage to it.
The soldiers also kidnapped the former political prisoner, Muhammad Nasif Ghawadara, after storming his house and searching his home east of Jenin.

In Bethlehem, the occupation forces stormed the village of Beit Ta'amer, east of the city, and the kidnapper, Jamil Muhammad Soman, 25, after storming and searching his house.

In addition, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the areas of Rakhma, Harmala, Tuqu ', and Janata, east of Bethlehem, and searched homes.

Also, the occupation soldiers stormed at dawn today the villages of Kafr Malik and Al Mughayir, northeast of Ramallah, in the central West Bank, and searched and looted dozens of homes, and kidnapped 19 Palestinians.

In related news, a number of illegal, fanatical Israeli settlers infiltrated the Palestinian village of Turmus Ayya, east of Ramallah, and burned two cars, and severely damaged a third car.

On yesterday Wednesday evening, eight young men were kidnapped during protests that erupted after the army invaded the town of Al-Tur in the occupied Palestinian capital, Jerusalem, in addition to two others near Hebron, in the southern West Bank.